Light and Dark

Everyone gather around, for the story I tell you is one of the very balance of all things. I appear to you as no other. I am a Shadow among many others in the world of Magic Duel and there are Beings who are Light. I am a Traveler from near, far, and places beyond that. I know full well how much the balance of all things must be kept in order for this land to thrive. I summon you who sit to hear this tale. This tale is of two people who you may very well know, two people whose paths are very different and yet collide like meteors in an explosion of color and flame: One of Darkness and One of Light.

A well-known woman of the Light, and one not to be bested, came upon a stranger, a Dark and tall stranger of no appearance, but who could see right through one’s very soul. The woman of Light was polite and courteous, as she treated all those who frequented the Root of the Matter Inn she ran. This “Shadow,” out of habit, was respectful, but at the same time challenged most everything that went on in the place. Time passed as the two made challenging comments and exchanged verbal cuts to the gut. This was observed by the patrons of the Inn who whispered of romance, whilst others wondered if an animosity was brewing. Before long it turned from lashes of the tongue and funny comments to pranks, just like when we all were young, when a boy would tease the local girl because he thought she was cute, but when asked, would say girls are stupid.

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  1. On this I must be unbiased as I am of the Light. The editing and punctuation could have been improved on. However, I am sucker for a love story. Even this one.

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