The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

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First of all, I kind of expected this reaction [to asking about if you wanted a game reset], in fact I was curious to see if such an important question will pass unnoticed among all the others, it seems some of you do care 😀

Now, let me tell you a what I think about a reset.
You could say I have a “no-reset” policy, the games foundation depends on that, and I am not talking about players that will get angry….I am talking about the way players become legends, by role-play or by insane stats. A reset will accomplish nothing. A truly stable game should not depend on periodic resets.
I am proud that even in alpha stage, the last reset was ages ago, I think in the 10,000 – 30,000 ID range (I might be wrong on that).

It seems we sort of have an ecosystem here. There is no need of a reset, those that can unbalance the “ecosystem” too much are eliminated by time. Where is Wodin? Actraiser? I could mention some “still alive” names here too, those that still do quite a “damage”.

A game with periodic resets will have no place for legends.

That was the good part.
Now the bad one;

Because the engine is constantly changing and some of you were “born” in ages that had different rules, and because of other factors too, it’s now very, very difficult to understand if some things in the system are well-balanced or not. I am talking about creature abilities, ways of fighting, etc.

The role-play part also suffers, but in a different way.

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