The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

I wish I could do that in a natural way based on a swift integration with the current engine, but I can’t, it’s far too rigid for this and until I make it more flexible it’ll still be some time. That’s why I will accelerate this a bit. At some point I will request some of you to submit something like a ..survey.. it won’t actually be a survey, but a learning system. It will not learn from individual people, but will learn from comparing all of you. What it will learn are not answers… again I must underline this, this is not a data retrieval system or an adapted neural net. It will learn an abstract concept. The way to store this concept and work with it I will keep for now a BIG SECRET. I have found a way to do this that I fear two things about; it might turn out to be a total nonsense and then people will think of it as absurd when the results don’t come out as expected, or second, and I like to think this is it, it’s a very, very innovative way that some other programmer, or even a big company will invest and research into it and I will not be able to compete with my own idea later. Also, a third more subjective reason is that I feel bad disclosing such things until I put them in practice, it ruins a certain feeling I have about the whole thing.

Speaking about feelings, this entire project is made out of feelings, I am just lucky to know a bit of programming to express or to “host” them.

I have a very strong feeling that this experimental advanced sensation interaction bot has at least a very strong research reason, if not an actual use. It might turn out to be useless as a real feature for you to face daily in-game, but these kind of “experiments” are what keep me kicking, that and your positive feedback, that’s the perfect recipe for any developer, and those that disagree with it have picked the wrong profession.

Some of you might think at this point that I am throwing some bullshit terms and pretend like doing a great thing when in fact its nothing. I completely understand that, mainly because when I get carried away by such insights on the game mechanics things start to have a slight Sci-Fi feeling. They do so because they are. I do not base my programming on pure logic, although I have very strong logic, usually.

If I will tell you how the bot system will handle its data and take is decisions, it will throw you in a completely out of the world scene. And I want my players to keep their sanity πŸ˜€ At least partially πŸ˜€

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