The Bow and the String

Muratus del Mur called a meeting for staff, ancient players and interested persons alike to discuss various events in the Realm. The meeting then turned to a discussion of the path that MD has followed due to the ancient lore (defined by Mur as “a story made up to start MD and put the right questions {in our minds}” and a desire for a shift towards the actual lore (defined by Mur as “story of what players do, actually do!”)

The ancient lore (stories of Daniel Raven, Gabriel Wind, and Jack Willow) can be changed because they cannot be remembered by anyone. These legends were written to create questions in our minds, never for them to provide answers: “The question is what makes you improve; the answer just gives you peace of mind.”

Everyone creates the history of MD, based on those that have gone before us. And while we cannot change the written history of the Realm, we can build upon the foundation already there. “The answers are the death of the question, the end of a path; I want you to be on that path not to end it immediately.”

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