The Bow and the String

This dialogue about question and answers led to the first information from Mur about Angiens. While the Shade information was disclosed to few, leading to the stability in the land of Necrovion, the ideology about Angiens will be released in a far more public manner.

The Angiens and Shades are not opposites, they are not, opposed parts, are not “angels” and “demons.” The Angiens have a religious feeling; however, it is essential that MD be totally free of predefined religious concepts.

According to Mur, “The Angiens are in fact the missing piece of the puzzle. The entirety of MD is a puzzle. The shades and Angiens concepts. The entire thing. The Angiens are the answer, but the fun part is that the Angiens are actually the QUESTION. Angiens are an answer, they are the right question to ask, sounds confusing, but should be, so that you will listen me and don’t jump to hasty conclusions.”

To conclude, an analogy was given.
Take a string.
Bind it at one end to the beginning of MD.
Bind the other end to Angiens.
Then use the Shades to bend the string in one direction.
There you have a bow.

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