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MagicDuel Awards 2014

Each year, the players of MagicDuel vote in a variety of categories to celebrate the work of the most well-known players of the year. Categories are decided by the community each year, and winners are given a special medal item

Year 9 Anniversary – Opening Speech Day 1

The following is the Log of the opening speech for the Year 9 Anniversary, Day 103 2014. It introduces some of the history of the creation of MD, as well as welcoming players to Loreroot. Chewett was the current coder

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MD’s 9th Birthday

Nine years ago today, Muratus del Mur created MagicDuel’s home on the internet: Since then, it has grown into an exceptionally large site, with thousands of lines of code and features, with a number of very hard-working people ensuring

3rd Annual MagicDuel Awards

The Third Annual MagicDuel Awards took place in Sage’s Keep and were hosted by Grido, dst, and Awiiya. Although the awards themselves were surrounded by a bit of controversy over the fairness and accuracy of the results, they do provide

2nd Annual MD Awards

Indyra Sirenias I guess this is the part where I bore you to death with an incredibly long and pointless speech *unwraps a big scroll with writing on both sides* First of all, I would like to say this is

The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

[Archivist’s Note: The words presented herein do not appear to have originated from Grido, but from Muratus del Mur. However, since no attribution has been given to Muratus del Mur, though the authorship seems obvious, this article shall remain listed

The Bow and the String

Muratus del Mur called a meeting for staff, ancient players and interested persons alike to discuss various events in the Realm. The meeting then turned to a discussion of the path that MD has followed due to the ancient lore

Winds Game Meeting–Full Discussion

Talking about Ancient lore and Adventurelog: The storyline, the start of your adventure and the main source of the controversial¬† “ancient lore” .. that’s a important subject to clear too [22/05/09 03:05] .Muratus del Mur.:I want you to understand how

A Synopsis of the Meeting to Discuss Factions

The topic of the meeting was the breakdown of groups into factions, which would later be classified as the lowest level of an alliance. The general idea would be specific subject categories, much like schools. For an easier understanding of

Magic Duel Festival Records: Volume 2

On the 7th of March the Spring Magic Duel festival began. During the festival lots of prizes were given out, RPC and PWR promotions, ad-hoc competitions of various types, a few random awards, events and more. The festival began on