MagicDuel Awards 2014

Pre-Eminent Role Player Award
“For the player deemed to Role Play the best. The player does not have to stay in character all the time to win this award (though it may help), rather when they do role play it is to the highest standard–this does usually go hnad in hand with remaining in character.”


  • Aeoshattr
  • Assira the Black
  • Eara Meraia
  • Eon
  • Intrigue
  • Lintara
  • Rophs

Assira the Black; Eon

Assira the Black:Thank you.
Assira the Black:Hmm… I guess I could say a few word.
Assira the Black:To everybody here, thank you for your t… support. This next year will be an interesting one. I hope you will be … entertained. *stands off to the side.*

Eon Absent

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