If everything I do is wrong, goddamn I do it right”  – Captain Cryxus X’hal

Since his first days in the realm, Cryxus set his mind on becoming the greatest pirate in the realm, and he worked hard in order to achieve his dream. Driven by motivation, he managed to gather a group of people that shared his dreams of piracy. He then proceeded to build a ship for his pirates and at the same time work closely with Mur on developing factions, which were among the most expected features back then. As a reward for his hard work and well played role, he was awarded with the first faction and with that the power to change someone’s flag to a pirate flag, which can still be seen around the realm. After that, there was nothing that could stop Cryxus’ pirates. They worked day and night and finally finished building their pirate ship: The Crimson Blade.

His dream had come true: he was acknowledged Captain Cryxus X’hal of the Crimson Blade, finally getting promoted to PWR and later to RPC, along with other legends from his era. Some of his most famous pirate deeds include the pillage of two alliances: the Savelites Church and the Caretakers, which were returned later to the previous owners. It is clear Cryxus played his role very well and even though he’s gone for a while now, he left his mark on the realm, carried on today by the Crimson Blade and the remnants of the Pirate faction.

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