This character built his history upon defending one of the unsuspected mysteries of Magic Duel: the tree at the Lonely Path. There were others who came before him who also defended the lonely tree, such as Speaker for the Dead, Renavoid, and Thanasia. Not much is known about their guardianship of Bob mostly because of the lack of sources, but we do find references to these people beginning in 2009, when we start to read about the Guardians of Bob, and their friends and foes.

It is known that Zleiphneir could conjure quite an impressive amount of brute force when angered, where all those around him would be at risk, and even Tree could suffer from this, as is shown in Zleiphneir: Path of Justice.

He was so committed to his friendship with the tree that he was hardly seen in other places. In 2008, though, he won the nomination of Guardian of Bob, along with a spell to travel to the tree, and he is even summoned every time the tree blooms.

The reasons for his fond friendship to that tree is unknown, even to Zleiphneir, but as he wrote in his papers:
“When you enter the world, you usually at least have you mother, or doctors, or an adopted family. You have someone around, or it’s simple, you don’t survive. As an adult, you don’t have such luxuries as those.

Unlike in the usual way…when we are born into THIS realm, the realm of MagicDuel, we are older than a baby and have nobody. Not a soul. We know no one and we know nothing. We are feeble, knowledgeless and often blind. We are, for want of a better word, a blank canvas. Alone, and unprotected.

When I walked this realm I found someone else who was like that, surrounded, but still alone. Damaged, and never fixed. Offering, but never being accepted. That someone, was Bob.

My affinity for Bob grew with each passing day, from the moment I saw him I loved him. He was my brother, my reflection, in fact, he was everyone’s reflection, perhaps they just didn’t realize that. I felt connected to Bob, and I would often stay with him a while here and there to just…be there. Words are all very well, but I always found the best thing someone can do when you are alone is sit beside you, and say nothing.”

It is important to note that, while most in the realm call the tree as Bob, Zleiphneir call the tree as Tree. Although on his papers as seen above the he refers to the tree as Bob.

In 2009, Zleiphneir, for a brief period, together with Grido, became part of the Savelites, an alliance of Loreroot, in order “To rebuild the legend that this alliance [the Savelites Church] stands for.”

In 2010, he was one of the winners of the Heads Contest and in April of the same year he received an homage from players, the UTOB Project, where you can read some other tales about Tree–aka Bob–Steve, and Zleiphneir.

During the Murmas of 2011, there were a kind project ran after a kind of joke from his friends: wearing a, itchy Santa suit and a bell, he collected coins, wood, candies, and anything else people were willing to give for the poor of MD. The project ran until 20 January, when the last alm was given. In 2011, he also helped with the completion of the MagicDuel Calendar, and on 16 May of the same year (day 135 of year 6 of MD), the Defenders of Bob guild was established in No Man’s Land. This created the Established Housings, a “virtual” land affiliation which made the guild neutral. Along with Zleiphneir, the other members at the time were Prince Lewas, FlyingChipmunk, and Keida.

One of his final achievements, though the date is not exactly known, was to become part of the Knight’s Order, receiving the title of Knight of Slumber.

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