MagicDuel Awards 2014

Rookie of the Year Award
“For the player deemed to have made the most progress since they started their account. The player must have created their account since 1st November 2013 and have more than 20 Aactive Days at the time of voting. By progress, it is meant as a step towards a defined role or position (not necessarily official) within the realm, or integration within the community to a large degree.”


  • Azrafar
  • Serenity Snow
  • WittyLeWat


:Azrafar bows and steps forward
Azrafar:Oh, yes. The speech…
:Azrafar pulls out his notes from his pocket
Azrafar:Thank you. Since I arrived to MD I have been exploring, finding secrets and taking part in quests. I have seen, learned and did many things over the last three, soon to be four months.
Azrafar:My role so far as a stranger, an explorer, served me well. How ever, I am no longer a stranger and I have explored most of MD. Now I dedicate my time to learn the dueling part, to raise creatures and make rituals.
Azrafar:Until I reach the next mind power level I don’t want to take well defined, strict role. I will stay a drifter. A man unaligned, who walks all the lands equaly, offering help, advice or company who ever needs it.
Azrafar:Though it is hard for me to meet so many people at once, I hope I’ll have more interaction with those who I only know by name.
Azrafar:That is all. *bows*
Azrafar:I don’t like giving speeches…
Azrafar:I never spoke this much before. *laughs*

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