MagicDuel Awards 2014

Prime Quest Award
“For the player seen as creating the best quest over the past year. Just because a voter did not manage to complete the quest, that does not mean it was a bad quest necessarily; the voter is asked to take this into account when voting.”


  • Eara Meraia
  • Lania
  • Princ Rhaegar
  • Samon
  • Tipu

Princ Rhaegar

Winner Absent – Speech via Forum.
Eh, sorry I couldn’t make it, kind of ironic considering this is the first one I miss, and at the same time first time that I was voted as a category winner.
A big thanks for the votes and the nomination, I hope I will provide with more quests and fun challenges in the next year.
Now, my books-loving people… *raises an imaginary trophy while waiting for Grido’s shipment* This is for you!!

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