MagicDuel Awards 2014

The following is a log of the event. Only timestamps have been removed.


Lania:Ha! Look who came early. *chuckles*
:Haedrin smiles and laughs :Dark Demon leans against the wall and watches silently
:lashtal nods to those gathered
Assira the Black:Hello Lashtal.
lashtal:Hello Assira
Dark Demon: *nods to lashtal* Hello
lashtal:Hey there
:lashtal wonders how to answer to a voice inside his head…
:lashtal shrugs and welcomes it anyway
:Azrafar sits down near the pedestal
:Azrafar start to write some notes
:Intrigue curls up in a corner and naps
:*sasha lilias* drifts in and allows her gaze to wander over those present before making her way to a far corner
Pipstickz:I actually made it for once
:Assira the Black nods
Aelis:Hello there, guys
Ailith: *smiles warmly* Greetings All!
:Rophs waves
AmberRune:howdy heys
Assira the Black:Hello *nods*
:Azrafar nods
:Intrigue opens one eye and waves ‘ello before closing it again
Pipstickz: (brb)
Azrafar:It seems people are realy excited about this event. Good, good.
:Assira the Black sets a bottle of tequila down
:Rophs laughs
Rophs:I have a
Rophs:A “7 Grasan Ferment”!
Rophs: *chuckles* It’ll be a rare item when that bug gets fixed…
Intrigue: *pinches her nose and mutters softly* Thats what that smell is…
Assira the Black:Hmm….
BFH the WHITE:greetings
:*Eagle Eye* dances
:Pipstickz does the creep, ahhhhh
:Intrigue does the creep, ahhhhh
:Ailith fandangoes
:phantasm does the creep, ahhhhh
:Plix Plox dances
:Assira the Black mambos
:MRAlyon does a mean macarena
:*sasha lilias* dances
:Aelis foxtrots
:Azrafar dances
:AmberRune dances
:lashtal hammercycles
:Rophs dances
BFH the WHITE:speak for god’s sake!
:Ailith giggles
BFH the WHITE:you all seem dead!
BFH the WHITE:hahahah
:Rophs twerks his nutty booty at BFH
AmberRune: (I may have just broken my touchpad)
:Intrigue collapses from forced dancing
Rophs: (e.e How?)
:[Spell] Portal of Light MD Awards
Azrafar:I like dancing, no need to force me.
Rophs:Huzzah! Thanks for the jumplink!
:Ailith cheers for the jump link
Assira the Black: (lol)
:Assira the Black leans against the wall watching
AmberRune: (not sure)
Rophs:Let the log show that I was here before BFH!
Ailith:Oh ok then!
:Intrigue laughs and shakes her head
BFH the WHITE:those are lies Rophs!
BFH the WHITE:lies!
Rophs:I was talkin first!
:Granos was here longer
Rophs: *waves his cane at BFH* Don’t mean to pop yer bubble!
BFH the WHITE: (now i am supossed to be working! MD is a distraction! :D)
Intrigue: (me too, me too, lol)
BFH the WHITE:you who’s fault is this right?
:Intrigue scoots over and hides behind Assira
Ailith:I blame Grido
BFH the WHITE:as always it is Grido’s fault!
BFH the WHITE: (crap I can’t remember the pass of my cow account!)
Rophs: (Nooo!)
Rophs: (OR should I say… Mooo!)
BFH the WHITE: (is val active?)
AmberRune: (no)
BFH the WHITE: (a shame)
:Assira the Black looks at Intrigue
:Intrigue looks up and waves a little
Intrigue: (afk a bit, coffee is calling)
BFH the WHITE:So funny -> [Video link]
Assira the Black: *nods* (Mmm… coffee… I have not had any yet this morning…)
Rophs: (I don’t abuse caffeine as a drug, but I’ll drink things containing it for the taste..)
:Gljivoje shares a greeting with various gathered individuals
:Ailith curtsies to Glijvoje
BFH the WHITE:Well Ladies and Gentleman, who are your hosts this evening?
Rophs:dst and Grido
Pipstickz:Plix Plox
*sasha lilias*:No.
*sasha lilias*:Not Grido.
BFH the WHITE:Plix and d?
BFH the WHITE:then?
:Ailith coughs
Ailith:That would be me
:*sasha lilias* points to Ailith
:BFH the WHITE is lost
*sasha lilias*:Poor Ailith…how could people forget about you?
:*sasha lilias* laughs
Ailith:I was third vote counter, so it kind of falls to me..
Pipstickz: *grabs Plix’s mouth and moves it up and down* I am your host, Plix Plox!
Ailith:I would rather not be centre of attention, Sasha *smiles*
BFH the WHITE:Great Plix!
Ailith:and yes, I will kill Grido *chuckles*
:*sasha lilias* chuckles
BFH the WHITE:SO where is my medal Plix?
:*Eagle Eye* bows
Pipstickz: *moves Plix’s mouth* I have it right here in my pocket, just let me get it
BFH the WHITE:I deserve the most beautiful frog medal!
Change:Oh, jump link now.
Pipstickz: *pulls a rock from his pocket and places it in Plix’s hand, then turns his hand up to show it* I’ve been polishing it for a week!
Pipstickz:Uh, I mean
Pipstickz: *moves Plix’s mouth* Here is your medal!
Rophs:That’s a potato..!
:BFH the WHITE extends his hand
:Intrigue peeks out from behind Assira and watches silently
:Pipstickz turns Plix’s hand over above BFH’s hand
Pipstickz: *moves Plix’s mouth* The ceremony is complete!
Change:Great, we can leave!
BFH the WHITE:My medal!! 😀
:Change waves
:nadrolski high fives them all
:Rophs apirs bossing armpit king
:Pipstickz moves Plix’s arms around in a not-pattern
BFH the WHITE: *tries to grab the medal* hey!
:Intrigue laughs quietly
Pipstickz: *grabs Plix’s mouth with one hand and moves it* Does everybody like my dance?
Change:That’s a broad question
Change:I’d guess no? *teases*
Pipstickz: *bows Plix’s head* Guess I’ll just stand over here then, being all sad and stuff
BFH the WHITE: *glares at Plix* Give me my Medal!
:Pipstickz carries Plix Plox over to a far corner
Change:It’s okay. Everybody but one person might like your dance.
Change:Don’t be greedy.
:Change sits in a corner and observes
Pipstickz: *walks over to the crowd* Wow who was that hilarious guy who just left?
:Vicious Chaossword wriggles her kitty hips
Pipstickz:Me too!
BFH the WHITE: *is annoyed* I want my medal! I am the most beautiful frog of MD!
Vicious Chaossword:Ew.
Pipstickz:What medal, the ceremony hasn’t started, duh!
:Pipstickz coughs
BFH the WHITE:Lies! The host promised me a medal!
Granos: [Video link]
:Dark Demon leans against the wall and watches silently
Lintara: *leaps out of the portal and pounces Dark Demon* Hi all!
:Vicious Chaossword pounces DD harder
:Dark Demon O.O
:Intrigue resumes hiding behind Assira
Dark Demon: *falls on the ground under the two ladies* …
Vicious Chaossword: (You wish)
:Vicious Chaossword starts eating DD’s nose and ears
Lintara: *kicks Vicious off* Stop eating him already. Eeesh
:WittyLeWat waves to everyone
Dark Demon: *chuckles and hugs Lin* Thanks!
Dark Demon: *waves to Witty* Hell
Dark Demon:o
:WittyLeWat laughs
WittyLeWat:Hi there!
Lintara: *waves back to Witty* Hi-ya!
:WittyLeWat smiles warmly
:Intrigue peeks out for a seceond at the sound of Witty’s voice and waves then goes back to hiding
:Sir Blut loks around
Lintara: *smiles and waves* Hi Blut!
Sir Blut: *smiles and waves back* Hey
:WittyLeWat goes towards Blut and gives him a quick kiss
:Vicious Chaossword yawns
:Sir Blut kisses her back and beams
WittyLeWat:Hi,love. *beams and takes his hand*
Lintara: *chuckles, suddenly pounce-hugs Lania* Lanii!
Sir Blut:Hey *holds her hand and whispers in her ear*
:lashtal shakes from his slumber
Lania: *chuckles and gives Lin a hug mid-pounce* Hey, Lin. *turns her head* Hello, everybody.
:Vicious Chaossword sits on Lania’s head
:WittyLeWat waves and smiles to Lania
Lintara:Good to see you! Where did you go?
Dark Demon: *smiles* Hello Lani
:Dark Demon leans against the wall and watches silently
Lania: *tries to look up at Vici* Just don’t mess the hair. *waves at Witty* .
lashtal: *to the voice inside his head* I wish I could…
:Rophs leans against DD’s big toe and watches silently
:Assira the Black lips twitch almost to a smile
:*sasha lilias* opens her eyes and looks around, surprised at the sudden crowd and noise level
:Intrigue peeks around Assira’s legs and watches Lash
:Lania looks at Lash and has a weird impression
:Dark Demon kicks Rophs off
:Lintara tilts her head, confused
:Azrafar observes
:Sir Blut kicks DD’s butt
:Intrigue gently pokes Assira in the back of the knee
:lashtal shivers
:Dark Demon laughs and kicks Blut’s butt back
Dark Demon:How are you, friend?
Assira the Black: *looks down at Intrigue* Yes?
Lania: *turns to Lin* Huh?
:Intrigue looks at Assira, then to Lash and back to Assira questioningly
:Vicious Chaossword starts to make a nest in Lania’s hair
:Azrafar finishes writing his notes
Sir Blut:I’ve been good, sleeping a lot
Sir Blut:How about you
Assira the Black:Its… nothing.
Dark Demon:I’m great, thanks *nods*
:Lania frowns, takes Vici off her head and puts her down
Vicious Chaossword:Best kitteh award now!
:Change uses the jumplink
:Vicious Chaossword kitty frown
Change:Wait, I didn’t go anywhere.
:Rophs points to the mood panel and snickers at Pip
Pipstickz:Oh hey it’s Chew
Pipstickz:Hi Chew
:Ailith smiles and looks relieved, hugs Chewy tight
Chewett:Good evening, Good Evening!
Dark Demon: *waves* Hello Chewy
Chewett:Due to a slight problem, We have had to change who is presenting the awards
:WittyLeWat waevs to Chewett
Lintara:Hi Chewy!
Chewett:Sadly for you, Im the one who is now going to be presenting the event
:Intrigue shrugs and continues watching Lash silently
Dark Demon:Sadly?
Chewett:Im just collecting all the stuff I need, as I only found out I would be doing this 5 minutes ago, So give me a minute 🙂
:Granos cheers
Chewett:Dear Granos, I shall, Love Wookie
lashtal:Take your time
*sasha lilias*:Evening Chewy. *smiles*
Lania:Nobody minds, Chew. ;0
:Asthir urges everyone to leave and avoid the sadness of having Chew present the awards
BFH the WHITE:sadly lol
:Granos cackles
:Pipstickz throws a potato through the window at Rophs
:Dark Demon chuckles to Asthir
Lania:Welll…I was wrong… >.>
Change: *whispers* Chewett is trying to keep up the illusion that everyone dislikes him. Don’t break it on him.
*Eagle Eye*:Greetings
Vicious Chaossword:Best… Kitty award…
Lintara:Hi Eagle!
BFH the WHITE:how can they hate him!
Rophs:Hello Eagle Eye!
Chewett:I must apologise firstly, we are meant to have medal items, and associated artwork, this hasnt been prepared by grido 🙁
:Vicious Chaossword uses her unbeatable kitty charm of OPness on chewett
:WittyLeWat grins to Pipstickz
*Eagle Eye*:Hello Lintara
Granos:Booo Grido sucks!
Asthir:Is Grido alright?
BFH the WHITE:I told you all it was all Gridos fault!
Chewett:He is unable to make this event
BFH the WHITE:now you believe me!
:Intrigue wonders if someone stepped on froggy
Chewett:Hence im here
Granos:What kinda of name is Grido anyways? Sounds like a fish!
Pipstickz:Shush you, BFH, you got your medal already
Asthir:That part I understood.. 😛
*Eagle Eye*:Hello Rophs *apirs*
:Vicious Chaossword goes into part-hibernation
:Vicious Chaossword makes cute kitty snore noises
*Eagle Eye*:Blessed Grido
BFH the WHITE:I did not got the Most Beautiful Frog of MD medal!
:Intrigue shakes her head and smiles
Pipstickz:But you got a beautiful medal to go with you
lashtal:Cursed Grido and his blessers
BFH the WHITE:Plix owes that to me!
Chewett:I have been given a list of the winners
Chewett:Lets see, then I can leave 😛
:Ailith chuckles
BFH the WHITE:lol
Chewett:Shall we begin?
Change:And all of the winners are ‘Chewett’ including ‘Rookie of the year’
BFH the WHITE:yup!
:WittyLeWat listens intently
:Lania takes a sit and listens
:Intrigue laughs
*Eagle Eye*: *smiles* yeah
:Granos facepalms
Chewett:We shall go in alphabetical order
:Lintara chuckles, leans back against DD and listens
Chewett:The first category, is the Adventuring award
Chewett:This was a catgory for something something something Ailith needs to give me a list blah
:Dark Demon chuckles and puts an arm around her, then listens
:Granos slaps Grido
:*Grido* smiles
Chewett:Grido send me a list of categories please
*Grido*:Apologies for the tardiness
Chewett:Or someone..
:Lania chuckles
Ailith:sent chewy
Asthir:Chewy the staller xD
:*Eagle Eye* smiles
:Change notes down Grido’s strategy for future use
*Grido*:Beat me to it
Chewett:Got it
:Ailith holds her amulet tight and looks at Grido
Chewett:The adventuring award is “For the person most dedicated, or who perseveres most at quests. Not necessarily for completing, or winning the most.”
Chewett:The nominations were, as followed:
:*sasha lilias* smiles at Grido
Chewett:The winner of the category, with a rather large number of votes was…
:Change woos
:Sir Blut laughs
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:Chewett coughs
Change:I knew it!
:Granos cheers
:Lania chuckles again
:WittyLeWat laughs
Chewett: *reads the card again* Oh not me
:Ailith giggles
Chewett:Sorry, The winner was…
*Eagle Eye*:;)
:Change cheers
Dark Demon: *laughs and claps* Congrats!
:Rophs cheers
:Intrigue cheers some more
Asthir:Grats! 😀
:Lania cheeeeeers
:lashtal claps
:Ailith cheers loudly
Granos:Thats an odd way to spell Chewett…
:Azrafar claps
:Assira the Black claps
:WittyLeWat cheers
*Syrian*:yay amber!
*Eagle Eye*:CongratsCongrats Amber
Neno Veliki:congrats Amber
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Pipstickz: *moves Plix’s mouth* It was supposed to be me though!
:Chewett pins a medal on AmberRune
:Azrafar is glad he doesn’t have to hold a speach
Chewett:Would you like to say a few words?
:Asthir wholehartedly agrees with Azrafar
AmberRune:Many thanks for all the work quest makers put to make interesting things to do, many thanks to people who competed for giving me a run for my money and vice versa
AmberRune:Let’s hope this year is also fun!
:Granos claps
:Intrigue applauds
:Dark Demon claps
:Ailith cheers
:Azrafar claps
Rophs: *cries a tear of sadness, not one of joy* Now other people will have to do quests… *applauds* .
:*Eagle Eye* claps
:Assira the Black claps
Pipstickz: *moves Plix’s mouth* Clap clap clap
Rophs:I mean speeches…
:WittyLeWat claps
AmberRune:Do quests too =P
:Lintara claps
Chewett:Thank you Amber 🙂
Chewett:The items may appear soon
Chewett:Otherwise, Contact Grido afterwards
Chewett:Our second category, is “Best Beautification”
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to AmberRune
Chewett:This is “Given for the highest quality of artistic contributions given to beautify the realm, be it personification of papers, contribution to avatar gallery, or item depiction.”
Chewett:Now, we had a couple people nominated, in various aspects of this award
Chewett:The nominations were, as follows:
Chewett:And note, all nominations are in alphabetical order
Chewett:/whatever alphabet Ailith used, possibly not the english one if some are in an incorrect order 😛
Chewett:The nominations are:
Chewett:Assira the Black
:Ailith coughs
Chewett:Neno Veliki
Chewett:Yasrin Luvien
Chewett:A number of artists, but also those who have designed papers, etc
Chewett:Now, the winner here, has done a substantial amount of work for MD
Chewett:And I am exceptionally please to be able to announce that
Chewett:The winner is:
:Intrigue cheers loudly
Dark Demon: *claps* Congrats!!
:Granos Cheers
:Lania claps
:Sir Blut claps
Assira the Black: *claps* Congratulations.
:Change claps
:Ailith cheers and claps
WittyLeWat: *cheers and claps* Yaaay!!
*Eagle Eye*:congratscongrats gonzalocsdf
Neno Veliki:congrats gonzalo! *cheers*
Lintara:Woohoo! *claps*
Asthir:Hehe, grats gonza, wherever you are. 😛
:Azrafar claps
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Dark Demon: *sighs* Seems he couldn’t make it here, though…
AmberRune:So party louder so he can hear it where he is
Chewett:Sadly offline currently
Chewett:We shall post his speech on the forum later 🙂
Azrafar:He isn’t here Granos…
Pipstickz:Time for me to go, enjoy the awards everybody, thanks Chew for hosting <3
:Rophs cheers
Lania:Bye, Pip 🙂
Dark Demon:See you later, Pip
:Intrigue waves
Asthir:Later Pip 🙂
Lintara:Bye Pip!
:Change waves
*Eagle Eye*:byebye see you
Asthir:So many pips..
Azrafar: *waves* Bye.
Chewett:The third category
Chewett:Champion Fighter, This was “For the person considered to be the best fighter in the realm, this does not necessarily have to be the strongest fighter in the realm, but the one that uses the combat sys
Chewett:combat system to the best effect”
Chewett:The nominations for this category were, as follows:
Chewett:Ary Endleg
Chewett:Neno Veliki
Chewett:Now, Im not sure if im allowed to say this, but im going to anyway.
Chewett:This category, was exceptionally close.
Chewett:The top 4 people in this category, all had consequtive scores
Chewett:So, there was exceptional competition here
Dark Demon:Wow
Chewett:The winner, of the Champion Fighter award…
Chewett:Was none other than…
:Intrigue cheers loudly
Granos:I voted for Bob..
:Azrafar cheers
:Sir Blut laughs
*Eagle Eye*:congrats darkraptor
lashtal:Well deserved *applauds*
AmberRune:Go darky!
:Intrigue raises a brow and looks at Granos
:Sir Blut claps
:*sasha lilias* smiles a little
:Lania claps
Neno Veliki:congrats darky
:Rophs claps
:Ailith cheers and claps
WittyLeWat:Congratulations! *claps*
Dark Demon: *claps* Congrats darky!
:Change claps
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Lintara:Yay Darkraptor!
Asthir:Grats darky, wherever you are as well 😛
:Assira the Black claps
:Dark Demon sticks a tape on Granos mouth, with “SPEECH” written on it on the outer side
:Dark Demon loves the irony
:Chewett passed MagicDuel Medals Box to Grido
Chewett:Again, the speech will be posted on the forum
Chewett:Now we have Grido, He shall continue the awards.
BFH the WHITE:thanks chew
*Grido*:Alrighty then
Lania:Thank you, Chew 🙂
:*Eagle Eye* bows to Chew
*Grido*:So then we move onto the Fossil award
*Grido*:So this being for the player that has been around so long they are basically a fossil in the realm
*Grido*:For this we had the following nominated;
*Grido*:No one
*Grido*:Yet another award with scores very close to one another, but just pipping out the top was
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:WittyLeWat claps
:Change cheers loudly
:Granos claps
:JadenDew claps
:Lania cheers
Chewett:Congrats Amber
*Eagle Eye*:congratscongrats AmberRune
:Ailith cheers loudly
*Burns*:I mean, mhew, should’ve been me… 😉
Neno Veliki:congrats Amber
:*Eagle Eye* claps
:Granos rips off the tape
:Assira the Black claps
:Gljivoje shares the enthusiasm
AmberRune:oh no! I must now officially lie about my age!
Asthir:Grats again, Amber xD
Dark Demon:Congrats!
:Lania chuckles
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to AmberRune
:Lintara giggles
:Rophs cheers
lashtal: *laughs* You didn’t see that coming, did you?
Change:I did. *grins*
AmberRune: *shakes head* That was supposed to be like another year or few down the road
:*Grido* chuckles
Lintara: *pounces Krioni* Hi Krio!
Asthir:But… you’re so old, now… how will you be able to quest as you once did?
Krioni: *chuckles and hugs* Hey there Lin
Dark Demon: *waves* Hi Krio
WittyLeWat: *waves to Krioni* Hey!
:Assira the Black nods to Krioni
:Lania waves at Krio
:Sir Blut waves to Krioni
:Lintara chuckles and hugs back, darts back to DD
Asthir:’Ey Krio 🙂
Krioni: *smiles and nods to Alex, and waves at Witty* Hey there, goodness!
AmberRune:with a good walking stick
:Rophs apirs Kri
:*Eagle Eye* bows to my Brother Krioni
:Krioni waves to Asthir, Blut, Lania, and Assira, then apirs Rophs
*Grido*:Amber, your 2014 medal is now golden to reflect the double win
:Krioni lets go of Lin for a second, then bows to Eagle Eye
AmberRune:Oh sweet! Thankies
Eara Meraia:greetings- and congratz Ambs!
Chewett:Later all, Enjoy the awards
*Grido*:Shh Grandma
phantasm:grats amber
:Intrigue waves
Change:G-old award 2014.
:Dark Demon chuckles
AmberRune:Speech… um… I didn’t expect to win this one
Lania:Bye, Chew. 🙂
Asthir:And hey, and by, and oh my 😛
*Grido*:Onwards to our next award then
Krioni: *goes over and hugs Intrigue* Heya!
*Grido*:Our Helper of the Year
:Intrigue returns the embrace and resumes hiding behind Assira
:WittyLeWat waves to Krio again
*Grido*:This being for the person most dedicated to helping others in the realm
:Krioni smiles and then sits to watch
:Krioni waves quietly at Witty, smiling
:Assira the Black glances at Intrigue and resumes listening to the Award ceremnony
*Grido*:We had nominated;
*Grido*:Eagle Eye
*Grido*:The split fairly faught between two, but one came out above the other
*Grido*:Congratulations go to SYRIAN!
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:Granos cheers
Dark Demon: *claps* Congrats!
Krioni: *smiles* Grats Syrian
:Lania cheeeeers
*Eagle Eye*:congrats Syrian
lashtal:Awww.. not the pest! *facepalms*
:Change cheers
*Syrian*: *screams* yay!
:Neno Veliki cheers
:Azrafar cheers
:Ailith cheers loudly and applauds
Asthir:Grats! 😀
WittyLeWat: *claps* Congrats!
:*Eagle Eye* claps
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Syrian
:*Grido* pins a badge on Syrian
:Assira the Black claps
:*Syrian* panics and hides behind amber at the thought of giving a speech
Asthir:Forget the speech! Pickles! 😛
*Grido*:You don’t wish to give one?
:Dark Demon chuckles
:JadenDew watches the scene with amusement
*Grido*:Hrrm…maybe leave her be
*Burns*:If you’re scared of giving a speech, don’t attend the ceremony 😛
*Grido*:Congratulations nonetheless Syrian
:Lania takes advantage that Tal is not around and moves close to Eara
Lintara:Yay Syri!
*Grido*:So then
:*Syrian* passed Spicy Pickle to Asthir
:[Spell] Speech – *Syrian*
Asthir:Don’t you people know kids are scraed of crowds? 😛
Asthir:Thanks! 😀
*Grido*:If we’re not twitching with excitement at the ceremony, then this next award is for the person who does so at the thought of not being in the realm
*Grido*:That award for Most Addicted
AmberRune:poor person
:Eara Meraia wraps her arm around Lania, smiles and continues watching the ceremony
:Intrigue laughs
:Lania smiles content and watches in silence
:Rophs scratches the back of his neck
*Grido*:For this award the following were nominated
*Grido*:Ary Endleg
*Grido*:Dark Demon
*Grido*:John Smith
Asthir: (What neck? I thought you were an acorn :P)
Lintara: (imaginary neck? :P) *giggles*
Dark Demon: (XD)
*Grido*:and so, this award goes to someone who shockingly isn’t present at this point
:Dark Demon laughs and claps
Dark Demon:Congrats Chewy!!
:Intrigue laughs at the irony and applauds
:Lania claps
:Lintara cheers
Rophs:And he dares call himself an addict?!
:Change claps and chuckles
Asthir:Aww >_< Grats anyway 😛
:WittyLeWat cheers and claps
:lashtal claps
*Eagle Eye*:congrats Chew
Assira the Black:Hmm… we missed hist speach. *claps*
Eara Meraia:well earned…
:Granos cheers
Rophs:I once injected THREE whole MagicDuels!
:Ailith chuckles and applauds loudly
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Neno Veliki:congrats
:Rophs claps furiously and with great pangs of irony
:Intrigue eyes Rophs suspiciously
*Grido*:Each of you make sure to give you private speeches for his award when next you see him
:WittyLeWat looks at Rophs and rolls her eyes
*Grido*:I jest, of course *chuckles* he’s a busy man
Change:oh dear. Chewett is getting full of medals.
*Grido*:Please do not
Change: *grins* Not gonna have enough room soon
*Grido*:And so we come to a nice onw
Eara Meraia:he will have to implement an enhancement 😀
*Grido*:not that the rest are not
*Grido*:But this is for the person who is Most Popular in the realm
*Grido*:For this we had nominated;
*Grido*:Dark Demon
:Eara Meraia rubs Lanias shoulders
*Grido*:All nominees in this scored respectably, but the one that showed themselves to be favoured was;
:Intrigue cheers loudly
Dark Demon: *smiles and claps* Congrats, again!
:Granos claps
:Change cheers
Lintara:Way to go Syri!
*Eagle Eye*:congrats Syrian
:Ailith cheers and applauds
WittyLeWat: *cheers and claps* Congrats!
Asthir:Grats again! xD
:Azrafar claps
Neno Veliki:congrats
:JadenDew claps
:Lania cheers loudly before putting an arm around Eara
JadenDew:You owe us two speeches
:*Eagle Eye* claps
samon:Congrats! *Claps*
:AmberRune looks around to see if there will be a speech this time
:lashtal applauds
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Syrian
Eara Meraia:congratz, Sy
:Assira the Black claps
:*Grido* shines Syrian’s medal to gold
Eara Meraia: *whispers to Lani* next time, dear
*Grido*:There we go
:[Spell] Speech – *Syrian*
:lashtal laughs
*Grido*:I am going to rest on the assumption that no full speech will be made again *chuckles*
:Dark Demon pokes Granos
Lania: *chuckles and whispers back* She deserves it.
:Eara Meraia nods
:*Syrian* holds her bear up in front of her face
JadenDew:what happens when someone wins 3 time in a row.. how does Grido make the gold shinier than… gold…?
:Change nod nods
*Grido*:Unfortunately I cannot Jaden
Azrafar:Turns it to diamond…obviously.
Change:And what about 4 times…hmmm
Asthir:Why aren’t the winners drunk yet?
*Grido*:Next up is the award for Outstanding Service to MD
JadenDew:Because one is underage for drinking?
*Grido*:We had just the 3 nominees for this award
Asthir:So? xD
*Grido*:Eagle Eye
*Syrian*:drinking is bad!
:Eara Meraia pokes Asthir
*Grido*:There was one who stormed ahead of the others in the votes though
lashtal:It’s good, it makes you do speeches!
*Grido*:And that person, hiding once more;
Dark Demon: *claps* Congrats again, Chewy!
:JadenDew snickers
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:Lania cheers
*Eagle Eye*:congrats chew
lashtal:Well deserved *claps*
:Assira the Black claps
:Neno Veliki cheers
:JadenDew claps
:Ailith cheers loudly
:Granos cheers
Eara Meraia:team brit xD
:Assira the Black passed Bottle of Tequila to AmberRune
:*Eagle Eye* claps
WittyLeWat: *claps and cheers* Yay!
Asthir:Grats again 😛 Triple double wins!
:Lania chuckles
AmberRune: not atibsnhe but this wkors
JadenDew:Wheres teh wookie hiding?
*Grido*:TEAM BRIT!
*Grido*:I think you mean Eara
Eara Meraia:!
Rophs:How long has it done that for?
*Grido*:A while
Dark Demon:TEAM BRIT!
*Grido*:We’re awesome
Asthir:Team Rom?
:Phantom Orchid
*Grido*:But enough about our glory
*Grido*: (for now)
Eara Meraia:Rum xD
:JadenDew mutters about having no active fellow countrymen
*Grido*:We have the award for Pre-eminent Role Player
Rophs: ( *remembers the american revolution and war of 1812* )
:WittyLeWat grins
:Intrigue wrings her hands nervously and tries to disappear behind Assira
*Grido*:Our largest category I believe with 7 nominees as the following;
*Grido*:Assira the Black
*Grido*:Eara Meraia
:Asthir expects 2 or more winners
*Grido*:Now the results suprised us when they came in
Rophs:*wiggles his nutty booty in anticipation&
*Grido*:For *pokes Asthir* we had a tie!
*Grido*:And so, without further ado
:Asthir is a genius
*Grido*:or extended anticipation
*Grido*:at all
*Grido*:our ~joint~ winners were
:*Burns* drumrolls
*Grido*:Assira the Black and Eon!
Rophs: [Video link]
:lashtal cheers for joint
:Eara Meraia applauds
:Granos cheers
:JadenDew claps
Dark Demon: *laughs* Congrats, both!
:Ailith cheers and applauds
:Intrigue cheers loudly in relief
*Eagle Eye*:congrats Assira and Eon
JadenDew:But neither is here 🙁
Asthir:Grats. 🙂
Krioni: *smiles* Congratulations
:Lania cheeers
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Neno Veliki:congrats
JadenDew:oh wait Assira is
:Change chuckles softly
Rophs:I think Eon quit…
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Assira the Black
:WittyLeWat clapsclaps
Assira the Black:Thank you.
JadenDew:Geez.. hard to spot badgeless people in crowds!
Assira the Black:Hmm… I guess I could say a few word.
:*Grido* pins a medal on Assira
Assira the Black: *nods to Grido* Thank you.
*Grido*:So with 3 awards left, we move onto our Prime Quest award
Asthir:Wait! xD
Assira the Black:To everybody here, thank you for your t… support. This next year will be an interesting one. I hope you will be … entertained. *stands off to the side* .
Asthir:She said somethign about a few words 😛
:Intrigue applauds
:Lintara cheers for Assira
:*Grido* smiles and claps, nodding at Asthir
:*Eagle Eye* claps
:Granos claps
:Ailith applauds and smiles
:JadenDew clapsclapsclpas
:lashtal claps
:Rophs claps
:Change claps
:Asthir approves that message
:Krioni claps
:Azrafar claps
:WittyLeWat claps
:Vicious Chaossword claps her paws for someone, she doesn’t know who
*Grido*: *smiles* and so onto our Prime Quest
*Grido*:For the one who designed and put into action the best quest of the passt year
Asthir:Vicious, could you turn into a squirrel?
*Grido*:We had;
*Grido*:Eara Meraia
*Grido*:Princ Rhaegar
:Vicious Chaossword shifts into a squirrel and tries to take Gridp’s nuts
Vicious Chaossword:Oki
*Grido*: *temporarily distracted* umm….don’t think that’s a good plan Vic
Asthir:I was thinking about Rophs, but ok.. O.o
*Grido*:But moving on…
Lintara:Run Rophs!
:Vicious Chaossword nods and climbs Rophs’ tree
*Grido*:For this award, our winner was;
*Grido*:Princ Rhaegar!
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:Rophs cheers
:Ailith cheers and applauds
:Granos cheers
:Change claps
:Vicious Chaossword clapclapclap
:Krioni cheers
*Eagle Eye*:congratscongrats Princ Rhaegar
Azrafar: *claps* Hooray!
:lashtal applauds
Asthir:Congrats 😀
lashtal:Good one
:Assira the Black claps
WittyLeWat: *jumps up and down and cheers loudly* yaaayy!!
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Neno Veliki: *cheers* congrats Reggy!
:samon claps
:WittyLeWat ‘s hair turns bright yellow
Asthir:Uh… no candy for him either >.>
JadenDew:i haz candy.. candy for who
Asthir:The winners!
:Vicious Chaossword wonders if nuts can be ground into dust
:Dark Demon claps
*Grido*:He’s possibly out devising some new way to quest
:JadenDew passed Rainbow candy to Asthir
:JadenDew passed Rainbow candy to Asthir
:JadenDew passed Rainbow candy to Asthir
*Grido*:How many young ones are there present?
Asthir:I didn’t win anything >_<
:JadenDew puts Asthir incharge of candy giving
*Grido*:This one’s for you, the Rookie of the Year
:WittyLeWat gasps
*Burns*:I count myself as young, too.
Change:I’m young!
:Intrigue spots a few young ones
*Grido*:for the person who started out in the past year, and has made a mark on the realm already
:WittyLeWat ;s hair turns silver
Vicious Chaossword:Chewett’s an oldie.
Change: (I’ll just have to avoid getting another vet thing–)
JadenDew:Im noob.. does that count?
Vicious Chaossword: (MD pensions ehehhehe)
*Grido*: *chuckles* aaaaaanyway, for this one we had the three nominees
*Grido*:Serenity Snow
Vicious Chaossword:If you look at my AD I joined around a year ago *sniffle*
:Azrafar waits in anticipation
:Vicious Chaossword doesn’t clap
:Asthir can’t clap
Vicious Chaossword:No claps for you!
*Grido*:A tough battle in the votes as this was going through
:WittyLeWat takes a deep breath
*Eagle Eye*:congrats witty
Lintara:Go Witty!
*Grido*:The winner though, of this once in a lifetime award
:WittyLeWat shudders
*Grido*:Was Azrafar!
Vicious Chaossword: (A total of 404 out of 1029 days)
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:Granos cheers
:Vicious Chaossword still doesn’t clap
:Lania cheers
Asthir:Grats! 😀
Dark Demon: *claps* Yay! Congrats Azrafar!
:JadenDew claps
Gljivoje:Congratulations and celebrations Azrafar
:*Eagle Eye* claps
Neno Veliki:congrats
:Rophs cheers
WittyLeWat: *claps* Congrats!
:Change cheers
:Azrafar bows and steps forward
:Lintara claps
:Ailith cheers and applauds
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Azrafar
:Dark Demon pats Witty’s shoulder
:Vicious Chaossword instead sits on Azrafar’s head and yawns lazily
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Azrafar
Lania:Yess! Speech, fresh meat Azra! 😀
:*Grido* pins a medal on Azrafar
:Assira the Black claps
:WittyLeWat nods to DD and shrugs,smiling
Azrafar:Oh, yes. The speech…
JadenDew:meat..? barbeque.. 😀
:Azrafar pulls out his notes from his pocket
Azrafar:Thank you. Since I arrived to MD I have been exploring, finding secrets and taking part in quests. I have seen, learned and did many things over the last three, soon to be four months.
Azrafar:My role so far as a stranger, an exporer, served me well. How ever, I am no longer a stranger and I have explored most of MD. Now I dedicate my time to learn the dueling part, to raise creatures and
Azrafar:Until I reach the next mind power level I don’t want to take well defined, strict role. I will stay a drifter. A man unaligned, who walks all the lands equaly, offering help, advice or company who e
Azrafar: (ehh, my sentences are too long…)
Gljivoje:talk about prepareness… *claps*
Dark Demon: (you can continue them in the next sentence)
Dark Demon: (next chat i mean)
*Burns*:Fitting for the rookie to not know the chat limit, isn’t it? :))
:Dark Demon laughs
:Lania laughs
Azrafar:*make rituals. For the second part…
:Asthir forgets about its papers and laughs
:WittyLeWat smiles
:Lintara giggles
Azrafar:*who ever needs it.
:Dark Demon examines Asthir’s “it-ness”
Azrafar:Though it is hard for me to meet so many people at once, I hope I’ll have more interaction with those who I only know by name.
Azrafar:That is all. *bows*
:Intrigue applauds
:Granos claps
Dark Demon: *claps* Great speech!
*Grido*:Wonderful speech
:*Eagle Eye* bravo
:Ailith applauds
Azrafar:I don’t like giving speeches…
Lania: *cheeeers* For the rookies!
Granos:Finally a real speech!
:WittyLeWat claps
Asthir:The rook is on fire!
*Burns*:Hooray for proper speeches! 😀
:Lintara claps
Azrafar:I never spoke this much before. *laughs*
Granos:Its true, I follow him..
:Intrigue laughs
:Lania laughs
Asthir:Yay for stalkers?
*Grido*:And so we come to our final award of the evening
*Burns*:Bad Granos, don’t scare the newbies.
*Grido*:Our Top Techie award
:Ailith smacks the air
Azrafar:I know he is following me.
*Grido*:For this we had;
:WittyLeWat ‘s hair changes a few colors per second
*Grido*:John Smith
:Dark Demon cheers for Johnny and John Smith
:Lintara watches Witty’s hair until her head starts spinning and she falls back
:Dark Demon coughs
*Grido*:Two of our nominees tied on votes on this award as well (and not with 0)
Dark Demon: *catches Lin* Whoooa there!
*Grido*:Our winner, is darkraptor!
:Intrigue cheers loudly
:Granos cheers
:Azrafar claps
:Ailith cheers and applauds
:Lania cheeers
:Change cheers
Neno Veliki:congrats
:WittyLeWat clapsclaps
Dark Demon: *chuckles* Congrats again, darky!
[*Eagle Eye*:congrats darkraptor
:Krioni cheers
Lintara:Yaaay Raptor
Asthir:Grats again, darky 😀
Dark Demon:3 golds this year, wow.
:*Eagle Eye* claps
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to AmberRune
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Syrian
: *wares cnady like aa hta*
Asthir:These are from Jaden 😛
AmberRune: Theainks
Asthir: (Why aren’t you in the trigger box?)
Asthir: (You’re drunk! BUG!)
AmberRune: (it pbloraby still tnkhis I’m dunrk scine II hva’ent reerehdsf)
:WittyLeWat hands Asthir a scroll
BFH the WHITE: (its over?)
*Grido*:I will take a log in a little while of the events here and will put it on the forum to peruse at your leisure if you missed anything
:Intrigue stands and stretches
Asthir:We missed Grido’s speech!
:WittyLeWat nods and looks around for the tequila bottle
*Grido*:Medals for those that were not present I will distribute as I find them
Lintara:Thanks Grido! (sorry, got to go afk)
BFH the WHITE:ok i shall remove active jump link and will open one to goe
:*Sunfire* passed Bottle of Tequila to WittyLeWat
*Grido*:And trophies I am awaiting the artwork from Neno, hopefully issue them next weekend
BFH the WHITE:grido i will remove your triggers as well
:WittyLeWat grins and nods to Sunfire
*Grido*:In terms of my speech, you’ve all been brilliant
*Grido*:Without you, the awards would not exist
*Eagle Eye*:Best wishes to all Winners of the MD awards ceremony
WittyLeWat: Tnhak you
Asthir:Here here!
:Intrigue applauds Froggy
*Sunfire*:you’re welcome
*Grido*:It is your efforts that make this place what it is, so keep it up, and you have a year to work on getting next years awards!
: *asplc*
Asthir:Uh… work… >_<
:Assira the Black claps
: *’s hiar tnrus bclla*
:Krioni smiles at the group, and slips off to dreams and the other realm again
:Granos claps
:Asthir thanks Grido, dst and Ailith
:Change claps
WittyLeWat: have aa good einevng enoyrvee
: *vweas and slbeutms otu*
:JadenDew yawns
:Intrigue waves and wanders off
Chewett:Its finished?
*Grido*:Just about
*Grido*:We decided you won all the awards
Chewett:34:36 for 5Km 🙂
Chewett:Congrats all 🙂
Vicious Chaossword:How many best kitties awards did I get?
BFH the WHITE:congrats indeed!
BFH the WHITE:the same amount i got for the best frog!
BFH the WHITE:hahaha
Asthir:CHEWY! Speech! (where’s Granos when you need him? >.>)
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Chewett
:Vicious Chaossword sadface
:Asthir passed Rainbow candy to Chewett
Chewett: (need to go shower… a little warm)
lashtal:Can anybody tell me who won what after Rhaegar’s prime quest?
BFH the WHITE:btw link open to goe
BFH the WHITE:use it if you link
BFH the WHITE:like
BFH the WHITE:cya later everyone
Asthir:Azrafar got Rookie of the year, and darkraptor got Top Techie
Asthir:Later BFH 🙂
Lania: *gives Eara a quick kiss on the cheek and gets up* Congratulations everybody! Both Winners and nominees. Cheers to you all hard working people! *smiles and wanders off* .
lashtal:Oh good, thank you
Asthir:No problem 😛
Dark Demon: *nods* Congrats everybody!
Assira the Black:Hmm… *didn’t notice when the bottle was returned to her*
:Change gets up and waves
:Change jumps
*Sunfire*: (can someone pm me the entire list of who won what?)
BFH the WHITE:need the log?
Assira the Black: (I would like a copy of the log)
*Grido*:I was going to, but if you’re offering
:[Spell] @LOGS

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