Winds Game Meeting–Full Discussion

Angiens ideology:

[22/05/09 03:49]

.Muratus del Mur.:ok, time for new topic
.Muratus del Mur.:listen
.Muratus del Mur.:since we are all here allready
.Muratus del Mur.:during this convo we hit an   important question
.Muratus del Mur.:inno you asked that several times   allready
.Muratus del Mur.:and since its time for the Angiens,   i will use this occasion
.Muratus del Mur.:because that question, is the main   thing about them
.Muratus del Mur.:you will want to hear this as its   the answer to a question before in this conv
.Muratus del Mur.:Shades were presented in a very   private way
.Muratus del Mur.:angiens on the other side, as   _opposed_ to the shades, will be presented in the exactly opposite way
Windy wonders how that will work
.Muratus del Mur.:😀 its allready working thats the  fun part
.Muratus del Mur.:you are all here, you asked me the key question allready
.Muratus del Mur.:and i will disclose now the base concepts , unlike I did with the shades
.Muratus del Mur.:the shades disclosed their ideology to a limited circle of people, and it led to a dinasty and a very stable land overall
.Muratus del Mur.:so
.Muratus del Mur.:the angiens… the trick is that all of you , even if not fully aware of it, consider shades and angiens as   opposed parts , similar to angels and demons maybe
.Muratus del Mur.:those that understood the shades know differently
.Muratus del Mur.:but the name does a good job keeping you on that track
Innocence:The Shades are supposed to be reflections of us… the react to how we act.
Innocence:…or something like that.
Windy:I always thought the shades were shadows of   ourselves.
AkenEX:So angiens are our polar opposites that act differently?
Willem RedBeard: *chuckles* Stop trying to get answers from Mur
.Muratus del Mur.:the angiens are in fact the missing piece of the puzzle
Windy gasps
MRWander:question though if shades are our reflections doesnt the opposite mean we are the angien reflections?
Lightsage:Then again, good answers raise more questions…

.Muratus del Mur.:there is a name for neither question and neither answer
.Metal Bunny.:neither question and neither answer?   You mean something that couldn’t possibly be more confusing?

.Muratus del Mur.:the entire md is a puzzle
.Muratus del Mur.:the delicate relations and similarities of the lands
.Muratus del Mur.:the shades and angiens concepts
.Muratus del Mur.:the entire thing
Intrigue:if the shades are our reflection, and we are   the reflection of the angiens, then the angiens would be shades too Wander
Intrigue:or at least that’s how I understand what you said
Windy:I’m getty dizzy…XD
.Muratus del Mur.:the fun part from my point of view here is that since when it started you anticipated the next piece of the puzzle without realising it
Windy:We did?
.Muratus del Mur.:some of you maybe remember my initial quests when magicduel was only a forum
Innocence:So Mur says.
.Muratus del Mur.:oh yeah it was only a forum 🙂
werewolfer:i c that. there always been some rumors   flouting around
Windy:Had no idea…
.SmartAlekRJ.:even I’m not that old
.Metal Bunny.:lol only chewett is
Windy:I am… *giggles*
.Metal Bunny.:and others but they quit 🙁
.Muratus del Mur.:the angiens are the answer, but the   fun part is that the angiens are actualy the QUESTION (with caps)
Windy:rl anyways…
Windy faints from information overload
Arcturus:See… What did I say about Good Answers…

.Muratus del Mur.:what people are missing , in rl I mean, is that the question is more important than the answer
.Muratus del Mur.:and i said earlier i can prove it

.Muratus del Mur.:questions are what build ways of   doing things, questions have the time factor, answers dont
.Muratus del Mur.:angiens are an anwser, they are the right question to ask, sounds confusing, but should be, so that you will   listen me and dont jump to hasty conclusions
.Muratus del Mur.:angiens have a cerain religious feeling in them, I let that feeling evolve silently
.Muratus del Mur.:because there is a name of that thing that combines both answers and questions on one
.Muratus del Mur.:questions are the path of things, answers are their end, ..martial arts are the questions, hitting that opponent is the answer to that , the question, the way, is much more important
Innocence:I wish you knew what word that was so that   we would know what you\’re talking about…
.Muratus del Mur.:dedicated people do things for the   question, not for the answer
Innocence:Unless… of course… that is something   you want us to figure out…
.Muratus del Mur.:I will tell it
.Muratus del Mur.:I will answer it last, whats the one word that combines answers and questions
Innocence:But, they do… they find the answer they were looking for and cease. Then they move on to something else.
.Muratus del Mur.:imagine it like this
.Muratus del Mur.:the answer is a far magnet pulling us … the way untill that point is the question, the path to the answer
.Muratus del Mur.:the end is irelevant as long as the question is right
.Muratus del Mur.:on the way we might find smaller “magnet” (answers) to attract us and hold on to
Gauge:I dont agree with the end being irrelevant..
Lightsage:The goal isn’t worth reaching without walking the path
Gauge:Maybe not AS relevant, but not irrelevant.
Camilla:And if there is no one right, answer, is it   still worth seeking?
.Muratus del Mur.:I will reformulate … the ideal answer is that answer that becomes irrelevant in front of the right question
Gauge: *nods* Much better Mur.
.Muratus del Mur.:lets take major matters:
.Muratus del Mur.:I said martial arts for example, which is a science with an “answer” that is irrelevant
.Muratus del Mur.:but lets take more complex matters
.Muratus del Mur.:like religion
.Muratus del Mur.:I am no believer in the common sense, my beliefes are irelevant now in this discussion
.Muratus del Mur.:but, isn’t the believer searching for god and isn’t the search and what it does more important than actually finding its ..goal..lets say

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  1. Mur,

    You want to repeatedly confound us, and you talk about division into incomprehensible fractions…You want a world that, no matter what frame we look at it from, contains confounding factors. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but you want us perpetually overwhelmed by something.

    The merit is in the solving because we remember the new frames (think of them as different numeric bases, to carry on the relatively simple division analogy) and how we came to them, and can reuse that ability.

    And of course, he who controls the present controls the past; He who controls the past controls the future.

    Now, regarding your so-called questions…would you call completing the square a question? Martial arts ask, “If these are the rules of the body, what should I do to achieve this?” but the thoughtful; individual can decide what “this” is within other rules, and the rules themselves were only discovered by finding lots of answers, lots of ways.

    Religion asks, “If these are the rules of everything and these are all the goals, what should we do to achieve which goals?” But the goals contradict and collude and split up and fuse, supposedly according to the rules…So that embedded question, “Which goals?” asks for a deeper understanding of the question…And you end up asking questions about the question, trying lots of paths to the path. Is the path really meant to be found? It’s a very clever way to make people start using tools to find questions.

    I love how you defined god the same way I do: God is the placeholder. When we don’t understand, we use God to accept our incomplete understanding while we recuperate…Then when we’re ready again, we keep pushing. I carried this another step, presuming that some people are okay with more confusion than others, or become more quickly exhausted with the push for answers. So for instance, I have a friend who doesn’t believe chemistry and talks about God instead. Einstein needed a break from physics, and instead of accepting quantum mechanics said God doesn’t play dice; later, he found the strength to continue enriching his understanding of how stuff works and stopped using that God excuse. Yes, God is the temporary answer; he is the tabernacle that hides the next part of the path while we sleep. Even so, I have found him useful: I was until recently resting at a rudimentary understanding of quantum mechanics; physics class and re-readings of your inquiries have woken me up again. It is very important to know that one is sleeping, and that the path continues beyond where you are resting.

    Each of us is, of course, traveling many paths at the same time. Thus it is important to be sleeping on some paths while we carefully step along others.

    I’ve suggested that the question of how stuff works at a very basic level is an important. Since this question is so close to an answer that is definitive within the current limits of instrumental perception, Mur might be getting worried (Notice again that the answer still isn’t definite because our perceptions aren’t.) But worry not! Because next comes the same question as in martial arts: “Knowing how stuff works, what advantages can we make of it?” Already we have nanotechnology, but more powerful things will come. And evermore…We’ll be creating artificial intelligence before the end of the century.

    I stopped noticing the relevance when you started discussing cardinalities of infinities. By the way, the number of cardinalities of infinities exceeds any infinity of any cardinality…I needed to take a long rest from math after hearing that one. Fortunately, I had God, and used him to allow that nap.

    How do we know if we’re sleeping too much?

  2. All of this talk is a basic introduction to Chaos Magik. It’s been the primary occult practice in those circles since the late 70’s/early 80’s. It has a strong foundation in Theoretical Physics.

    To sum it up: Faith/Belief is power and can change Reality.

    The more Faith/Belief a concept has the more “real” it becomes. There is a dimension of possibility between our physical reality and the “Outside”. It is called the Ether.

    Our beliefs if powerful enough become Thought-Forms in the Ether. The power of all that faith coalesces and becomes an Entity. That Entity becomes more powerful as Faith fuels it. The more believers it has (MP’s 6 concept of Adepts sacrificing Heat) the more control over Reality it gains.

    Why are there Religious Wars? To stamp out opposing Thought-Forms. So our Reality is pushed in the direction that one faction chooses over anther’s vision.

    It does not matter if Jesus Christ was “god”. If enough people believe it then it becomes true. The concepts that are associated with that “god” gain power too.

    I was put on the trail of these truths. I read the books that outlined the path. Ultimately I held the books under running water then tore them to pieces before I bound them in plastic before I disposed of them.

    Why do Churches have pointed steeples? (Sacred Geometry, look it up) Why is gold used on the Altar? (Look into Medieval Alchemy). Can objects hold the power of Faith? Definitely.

    After years of being “dark” in my style. I came to understand what “Real” Darkness was (Look up Aleister Crowley’s writings on reaching the True Self or Magical Self)

    1 day I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out my Grandfather’s old gold Cross. Now I never take it off.

    I’m far from some Born Again Christian. I wear it for Occult purposes. I know the power of the Old Man’s Faith is inside the Cross.

    I ended a relationship with the woman who introduced me to these concepts. I told her that I would have no problem setting her on Fire to remove her and her beliefs from this world.

    Evil is real. There is a War going on all around us that few ever see.

    MD could be fueling one man with the power of our Belief. Or, it could be just a game. You decide….

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