One of the first LHOs, Ugauga was constantly hanging around the newbie areas and giving people hints and tips to help ease their way into the early realm.

Another way that Ugauga helped the MagicDuel Society was by being the head bug researcher, and for a while whenever there was a bug he investigated it and reported back to Muratus del Mur. In this way he helped the realm become more watertight to the threats of bugs, and improved the overall quality of the game.

Although not specifically remembered for his combat ability, Ugauga could nevertheless hold his own in any battle, and spent a good deal of time training and fighting as most everyone did. He was known to prefer training silently, keeping quiet for the most part until someone asked a question.

His whereabouts are unknown, and he has not been seen for a good long time. It is unlikely he will return, and he left no promise that he would ever return when he faded away. In the opinion of most, he is dead to the realm forever, but to be remembered.

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