Deetn was one of the first truly great warriors to master rituals and creatures. Whenever a new creature was discovered in the land, Deetn was always the first to train this creature to the next level, and the first to master its techniques. Dedicated and unfaltering, he trained until his mind was weathered and fit for battle, and became the first and only mp8. In this period when there were no restrictions on fighting, and anybody could attack anybody, many tried their strength against Deetn, attacking his defensive rituals over and over again. He was legendary for rarely ever loosing a battle, and when he did it was only later in his life when he fell from glory.

The sword of all warriors grows dull, and in time Deetn too began to stop fighting and stare into space more and more, talking to nobody. Adding to this inactivity, Deetn suffered from the win-disease, which was where the strong warriors had far too many wins than losses, and as a result could not fight others without loosing honor, but also could not give away wins to others because it was not in their nature to give away fights. As a result, they stagnated, unable to attack anybody else. In time, Deetn faded, and one day disappeared altogether. There are various myths in circulation, but his current location and situation are unknown.

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