The Need for Mystery


I always learn new things and what better place to learn things if not in my own mistakes…and how to find out mistakes if not by always challenging and investigating the theories that I consider perfect?

When I thought of making MD I had as a start reason the frustration that such information and concepts as the ones I am presenting here are kept secret and used as great mysteries and most often the people that are guarding them completely lost their meaning and are deviating them into things like religion, “magic”, manipulation techniques and so on.

But I look at me now and I ask myself I not doing now the same thing by placing these things under a thick mystery layer? Are these “secrets” not lost because just a fraction of the people searching them find them and those that don’t find them will pick their own answers and get probably to wrong things?

I should give you some examples to understand what I mean.
Martial Arts .. what are they now compared to what they should be? How many schools focus on the physical movements and techniques instead of understanding them as a path, never-ending path, a way of life.
Religion … how many people consider religion a routine or an out of the box answer to their problems? How many understand that the “answer” should never be touched to remain perfect?

We seek for answers, we need answers, we want answers, but we do not understand that sometimes the seeking itself is the actual “answer”.

In MD I tried to put answers on a plate at first, the principles are one of the things that are more obvious, the spell docs are the second one, but there are more. …and what did I end up to do? I ended up building mysteries and giving clues, turning them into secrets.

How many of you know where the book of principles is..and how many of you ask themselves _what_ it is?
How many know what the cube is and how many even look to understand it without tainting it with lore and story?

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  1. Surely though Mur it is all simply down to perception. For example if time is a fixed point, simply by shifting the point of perspective and by not looking at it straight on then it can become an never end line disappearing off into infinity. Now I have hidden nothing in this statement but does it cause a question to be asked.

    So don’t hide any information, as you rightly point out that is contrary to your original idea. Freely releasing pieces of the puzzle however does help as you rightly pointed out create the mystery without obviously stated the fact. That helps lead to enlightenment without demeaning the message?

    Just my tuppence worth :o)

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