The Need for Mystery


So when I realised that the path I am going on is the path I was initially running from…I started to analyze it ..not necessarily to change it. I needed to know WHY?

What happens if important knowledge is put out in the open without a mystery to surround it?
It is disregarded, or if its value its obvious, people are amazed of it, but that’s all.

If I tell you that , for example, “Nothing Exists”, you will look at it in many different ways, you will consider it an abstract philosophical quote, you will consider it a funny paradoxical quote, some of you will consider it a false quote and some of you will consider it a quote full of truth……….but…that’s all….you will only look at it and get an opinion…nothing more.

If I do a complicated and entertaining quest that will end in you UNDERSTANDING that “Nothing Exists” you will be one step closer to understand it.

Mystery gives _value_ to information. I have to challenge you to understand things instead of throwing them randomly on a page called “Answers”.

Answers are the bait that I use to get you put the right Questions because only the Questions will make you understand things NOT the Answers.

You will probably question yourself things like “Wtf is this guy trying to hide so important that he talks so much about it?” … if you do that it means you are still subject to the bait and probably not yet learning anything 😀
You see it’s a paradox in a way.

Maybe only giving you examples you can understand this thing as I see it.
For example look at life as a question and its answer would be DEATH, but we do not accept that, we know its end, but try to value the question most of all, and if we can’t value the question we shift our focus to the answer and try to make it worthy.

I end up screaming my answers to deaf people and putting up never-ending quests and mysteries to capable people, obviously a wrong thing, but also obviously the only natural path I can take without turning into building a sect, a movement or some other ridiculous thing that will totally destroy the purity of ideas.

I always hated simple explanations that touch a bit of a beautiful idea but don’t give it all…I thought of them as incomplete. I want to repair that mistake now. The complexity of some things is so vast that the more you go into them the more probable it is that you go wrong. The simple you go the more probable it is you wont go wrong but you will get an intuitive picture of what is “there”.

One comment on “The Need for Mystery
  1. ScotinBelgie says:

    Surely though Mur it is all simply down to perception. For example if time is a fixed point, simply by shifting the point of perspective and by not looking at it straight on then it can become an never end line disappearing off into infinity. Now I have hidden nothing in this statement but does it cause a question to be asked.

    So don’t hide any information, as you rightly point out that is contrary to your original idea. Freely releasing pieces of the puzzle however does help as you rightly pointed out create the mystery without obviously stated the fact. That helps lead to enlightenment without demeaning the message?

    Just my tuppence worth :o)

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