The Need for Mystery


The complexity of things I am talking about can’t be expressed in geometrical shapes. I tried, It can’t.

I can give only examples that will show you why complex ideas must not be put in detail or at least must NEVER be considered complete.

Are shapes that the deeper you go in their detail the more similar shapes you will see. They are ENDLESS. Now imagine a line, representing our line of explanations, going on a border of such a fractal trying to describe it. The more you will draw the more wrong you will get if seen from “above/outside”. In fact the line will stop in the first fraction of the fractal because will “fall” in the never-ending pattern that repeats itself representing the initial shape. On the other hand, a simple line putting up only a fraction of the pattern will have the same truth value in it as the bigger line , but it will be so small that will let your mind imagine the rest and not give it as a fixed conclusion/answer.

In the same way, a good question is the question that never reveals its answer but it’s pointing to it from all directions. A mystery is needed to hide complex answers because the answer is described but what the question puts you to think. Giving out a fixed answer, regardless how abstract, complex or clear it is, will never get your mind to expand it will only make it rest.

I take it as a personal challenge that whenever i will give you the answers i am hiding, they will create in turn many more questions of same importance and complexity.

Now the obvious question is …”Should we still keep searching or should we stop if the final answer can never be reached?”

I guess that question divides people in three categories, those that answer yes or no and those that never get to put this question.

I let you to think about what this actually means

One comment on “The Need for Mystery
  1. ScotinBelgie says:

    Surely though Mur it is all simply down to perception. For example if time is a fixed point, simply by shifting the point of perspective and by not looking at it straight on then it can become an never end line disappearing off into infinity. Now I have hidden nothing in this statement but does it cause a question to be asked.

    So don’t hide any information, as you rightly point out that is contrary to your original idea. Freely releasing pieces of the puzzle however does help as you rightly pointed out create the mystery without obviously stated the fact. That helps lead to enlightenment without demeaning the message?

    Just my tuppence worth :o)

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