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Odd Thoughts

Well then… Need to start somewhere and I don’t know where yet, so I will start ranting until I start getting into something good…. Good is relative. A bunch of things are relative. Suppose I will end up talking about

Life–Intro of my book

This is the current introduction for the book I am writing now; it’s an important theory that is not detailed but just presented as a teaser for the rest of the work. It is possible it will change until it’s

Signs of Entropy

WARNING: this is an ongoing debate on the forum. This is only MY version of how things are, based on the discussion on the forum, I might discover things that will perfect or change some of the presented theories. Please

On the Treatise of Rule

Every object and concept holds a structure and partakes in a greater structure, with the exception of ”nothing” and ”everything.” With so many structures, it is perfectly normal to see them within hierarchies. This holds true for the relation between

Principles Discussion

Principles. Principles of Magic are much like real-life principles. This being so is due to the fact that we choose what we believe in. Some people believe “the more, the merrier,” and yet there are those who say “too many

The Need for Mystery

I always learn new things and what better place to learn things if not in my own mistakes…and how to find out mistakes if not by always challenging and investigating the theories that I consider perfect? When I thought of

Grido’s Book of Random Facts: Volume. 1

Grido’s Book of Random Facts: Vol. 1 It been told to small children that if you eat an apple seed then a tree will grow inside you, whilst this isn’t true, and i’m sorry for spoiling it for those who

An Incomplete Death

A discussion with Awiiya and Innocence on immortality led me to ponder the subject. Completely halting the aging process is not within the reach of human technology, and will (in my opinion) probably never be fully attainable. However, it is


Dualism states that there are two different states with coexistence: One cannot be without the other, and they define each other. In our world we have many different beliefs that base upon this: The principle of Yin and Yang, or


Belief Belief is the state where people hold a premise or statement to be true. What does that mean? Knowledge and Belief have to be understood for that. If the Earth is round but people believe it is flat, then