Law of Nature

As already stated our Belief is the science. (At least for the majority.)

If we take a look at the past, then we will find out or Belief has changed a lot.

First we believed the Earth was the center of everything, until people like Copernicus or Galileo proved stated and even proved otherwise. That is where our Belief has shifted from a geocentric into a heliocentric way.

This progressed into what we have today, with theories of Strings and quantum physics etc.

You may argue now that is the truth, the absolute truth: The Law of Nature. Actually, I disagree. We can only believe in what we experience, and we have not experienced anything else besides our little system yet. Because of that I believe in it, but constantly wonder whether it is true or not. After all it may be that there is more that we do not know of yet.

This is entirely philosophical though, as I believe in no absolute truth (there, Belief again).

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  1. BeatlesDacu says:

    The order is priority.Chaos only stole the reward.

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