Nero and Demetra

We now go back so many eons that even our ancestors begin to become faded shadows of the future, and by the side of mountain of Golemus Golemicarum we see a tall and muscular silhouette waiting for something to happen, or someone to arrive. The age of which I speak was not a peaceful one but there were currently no wars waged. Deathmarrow had risen from the earths and had taken the territory of Necrovion. The people still spoke of it as the Tainting…

“Nero!“ a strong and confident voice sounds. The silhouette turns.
“What are you doing here, Nero? Father awaits us both at the Estate! Why do you wish to anger him this much?“
The two people step closer to each other and a pair of silent but bright green eyes sparks as they hear their name.
“You should not call me by that name here! We are not at home, in the middle of those that know this Truth! Your trust in the Three Kings is too strong, my friend!“ he mutters and then pauses. “And why would your father bother over a simple squire? What does he wish of me this time?“
“It is you who waited for me on the mountain and if I wish to speak your True Name, than I shall do so for YOU are MY Squire and not my father`s! And it is I who have business with you and not him! The long night approaches my friend and I wish to get back home at the Estate where we will both be safe“ the newcomer then spoke in a careful tone.
“Very well! You are right and I am sorry for my stubborn ways. Lead the way, Gabriel!“

As the two quickly paced down the narrow paths of the mountain they remained silent. Finally, as they crossed the bridge to the No Man`s Land they began to discuss what was both troubling them.
“You will be found out! And I will not risk losing my Squire to them, especially for such a foolish mission!“
“This is not a foolish mission! Your father and his ways are wise!“ Nero spoke “The Berserkers are still a force to be feared but only IF they manage to enter the city!“
“That is not a city, that is a corrupted ruin of darkness!“ Gabriel spoke with hatred and spite in his tone.
“Whatever it may be, as soon as the long night is over, the wars will begin once more… Gabriel, look at me! Look at me! Look at my skin, at these eyes, listen to my voice as you did all these years and realize that you are just paranoid! I will be safe! I will get into Necrovion and I will get into Deathmarrow and come back to tell the tale! The plague that killed both my parents has left my soul distorted. The Liquid Dust the whispers of Deathmarrow will not make me succumb! Gabriel, my brother, I AM STRONGER THAN THIS!“

With that said, Gabriel resigned and as they reached the estate guarded by the small company of Aramors they could see the night eating at they sky`s light.
“It now begins once more!“ Nero slowly spoke to himself.
“You are wrong, Jack! Your naive ways leave your perception lacking!“ a thundering voice came from a balcony above them. “IT never ended!“
With the coming of the long night… so did the silence come…

~ ~ ~

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