Nero and Demetra

“You look dead!“ I spoke in a still tone.
“Uhm… I`m… sorry?“
“Don`t be, the Plague has left its mark on you… The fact that you aren`t dead is something close to being a miracle…“

I looked at his features and then at the clothes he had chosen. From every careful detail I could see he had read my letter many times, making sure that no accident would betray him once inside the dead plains.

“Can you use Magic?“ I asked him.
“No, sir. I cannot!“
“Don`t call me, sir, it feels awkward… especially since you`re taller then me“ I told him and smiled (people were somewhat shorter in that Era). He was the perfect spy.
“I`m sorry… sir“ he slowly said and then looked at me, afraid.
“It is good that you cannot use Magic, at least for now. Wielders tend to go insane once they step through the Howling Gates“
“But si~… But… you`ve been there several times!“ he exclaimed.
“This story is not about me and my adventures in Necrovion!“
“What? What… what story? I don`t… understand…“
“Nevermind it! Forget I said it! Your clothes are good, your manner of speaking is good, and your physical appearance is good!“
“So… I will fit right in and be able to get in Deathmarrow?“
“Indeed so… Have you read all the manuscripts I`ve sent you, the ones related to their habits and the mannerisms?“
“I have.“
“Good. I have written and said it many times, and I will once more! Necrovians act as if they are one and the same person, a living organism… but they only act like this. They ARE separate individuals that have to all wear the same mask. Remember that there are times in which you must wear the mask and times when you must take it off. Do this in order to deceive and to retain your identity!“
“Thank you!“
“Are you ready?“
“I am, sir!“
“Then… go back to where you belong, Necrovian! My domain does not welcome you and I do not welcome you!“

~ ~ ~

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