Nero and Demetra

“The night is still.“
“Indeed Demetra. Are you prepared for the ceremony?“
“Hold your tongue, fool! To you and all your blood I will still be a Lady! Remember that it was I, and not my mother who made the mistake of letting you live!“
“It matters not! You will die this night… Demetra! Perhaps, the only good thing you will do in your wretched life!“
“YES!“ Demetra exclaimed and began to laugh “I will die and be rid of all you fools! But my greatest satisfaction is that I will die by the hand of the Timeless One and not of your filthy blood, Armatheus!“

Armatheus grinned and waited for her smile to vanish.

“I hope it is the madness and the priests that will defile your body and not the Liquid Dust“
“You may only dream of defiling me, priest!“
“Or so you hope… Alas, the time to end your beating heat nears! In truth, I wish your death to be an exalted one! Farewell… sister!“

~ ~ ~

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