Quests: A Growing Tutorial volume 1

Quests: A Growing Tutorial volume 1
What sort of things can you offer as prize to those who complete your quests?

This is an important first thing to consider. What sort of reward you have available to offer should influence the quest you create. Common rewards can come with relatively simple quests, whereas rarer, more exclusive rewards should not come as frequent or easily. For instance, a low-level spell document (say 1 or 2) is roughly common knowledge of the spell and should be available often with relatively low amounts of difficulty. In contrast, a high level spell document (5 or 6) should not be as easy to obtain. Quests for it could be rare, extremely difficult, or a combination of the two if you prefer.

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In the figure above, some common quest rewards are grouped to show rough equivalence of difficulty. Of course, some spells have more levels than others, so their difficulty by level will range a little more sporadically than shown here. With Inventory items now available to the Realm, it is possible to create some legacy item of your own and have it as a reward for a quest that someone can then learn to roleplay with. This would definitely need a more difficult quest to achieve.

Note that also telling people what they can expect as a reward is a great motivation for them to try to complete your quest. Of course, an element of surprise can be fun and exciting as well if you have the means to give extra rewards!

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  1. Very helpful and good for planning quests. Read it an learn something to help you on your way. Especially if you have quest balloons

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