Quests: A Growing Tutorial volume 1

Step 5: Connecting the Dots
Have you thought of everything? Is there anyone else that can help you?

There is always more you can do to make your quests more interesting. This tutorial is still growing and not all-inclusive. If you think of something you can add, try it out and let us know what happens! Communication between the RPCs is extremely necessary.

One thing to try to come up with ways to address is cheating. People cheating on quests can be a real problem for quests that do not allow participants to work together. Know that if you are found to be helping participants cheat on another RPC’s quest, severe consequences such as demotion and possibly stripping of powers and/or ban may be in store for you.

Another thing is lining your quest up with the Realm. I can help you with that, and I’m fairly easy to contact. Just come to me if your quest possibly addresses a new aspect of the Realm that most people don’t know about. This is a personal request because the Archives have trouble keeping up with conflicting stories. We do have a central story that quests do not always accurately address. Please consider this when you make a quest.

Try and make your quests fun, and possibly have opportunities built into them where players could gain a role.

Vol. 2 of this tutorial will be available as soon as more ideas and examples are available.

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  1. Very helpful and good for planning quests. Read it an learn something to help you on your way. Especially if you have quest balloons

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