Author: Renavoid Rusyn

Quests: A Growing Tutorial volume 1

Quests: A Growing Tutorial volume 1 What sort of things can you offer as prize to those who complete your quests? This is an important first thing to consider. What sort of reward you have available to offer should influence

The Golemus Wizard

Page 1 [2008-05-02 15:11:33 – Golemus Wizard quest] Some crazy wizard is experimenting with the dream world in Golemus Golemicarum. Seems that his actions upset the dark forces of Necrovion. A hero is requested to go on a quest to

1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards The person who plays their role the best with-in the capacity of the RPC List .Khalazdad. To be chosen as the “best” of something is incongruent for me. I’m not sure I believe in a “best”. I’m quite

Zleiphneir: Path of Justice

Zleiphneir: Path of Justice Zleiphneir was always fond of the lonely tree at the Path of Loneliness. He often spent a great deal of time just resting near the tree, enjoying its company. He eventually built up a reputation for

Hellena’s Plan

Heellena’s Plan In the days of Daniel Raven, Loreroot was a much more dreadful place. The forest was plagued by vile creatures of the darkness, which records only suffice to call liquid fear, for their true name is lost. They

Magic and Perception: Clouds

Magic and Perception: Clouds Imagine a cloud in your mind. In this cloud, are the molecules that bring it into being. The cloud’s shape, size, and color can change, perceptively, based on the things like how many of the molecules

Principle of Balance

The principle of balance does not refer only to good and evil. It generally stands for all things opposite and applies both to individual situations and other inferior Principles. Balance can NOT be broken, but it can be bent to

Element Principle

There are many ways in which one can classify the consequence of every action or every personality. If we were to separate the world in basic elements, we could say that there are four fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Fire and

Principle of Syntropy

The Principle of Syntropy is the symmetric principle of the Principle of Entropy. In the actual phase of the Cyclicity of the universe, this principle is extremely rare and hard to notice. Unlike the Principle of Entropy, whose forces rule

Cyclicity Principle

Each event could either take part having a certain shape, having its own cycle, repeating itself after time, or could either be part of another superior event that has its own cycle. Events like daily routine, or the changing of