Magic and Perception: Clouds

Chapter II: Choosing A Reality

Lets take a step closer to home from the entire city. Lets zoom into the life of a single person in that city. Psychologically speaking, humans are socially dependent. In a sense, this is what creates the atmosphere where this person either swims with, or against the “current” of the city. Other people’s thoughts and perceptions influence the person’s thoughts and perceptions because that person is socially dependent on their input.

The star basket ball player of a small town’s high school could be considered to be something like the town’s pride, or personality node. The supporting thoughts of the town helps to influence and encourage the player to do better. That node would also be the point of contention in personalities with other views. When a rival team comes to play, that star player is bolstered by his support, but pushed down by the opposing Boo’s.

Given the circumstances, the player can either succumb to the chants of the rivals, or rush forward with the cheers of passion aiding his movement. Rather than view his surroundings as the game where his victory means their defeat, he chose the reality that told him their defeat meant his victory. He chose the reality that coincided with the beliefs of the support, and it gave him the extra wind he needed to fly.

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