The Basics of Astronomy

The Basics of Astronomy

Astronomy has been studied since ancient times, though it may have always gone by that name. When you think about it all things that exist on Earth have at least some dependence on Celestial Objects most notably the Sun. Our calendars and measurements of Time are based on Celestial Movements, all of the Weather we see is given strength by the Sun’s Rays, the Seasons and harvest Times are all due the orientation of the Sun. It is no wonder that almost all Ancient people revered the Sun and the Night sky, and we continue to do so today.

Still throughout most of History Astronomy was not studied as the science we know it today. People still used mathematics and geometry to determine many facets of how the heavens moved, but for a slightly different purpose than we do today. I speak of course of Astrology, the study of how the movements and orientations of the planets and stars both affect and predict everyday life. In today’s scientific terms Astrology has little merit as its claims cannot be tested and are often very vague, it along with many forms of Divination have been deemed unscientific and unfounded. Still before the Scientific Revolution Astronomy and Astrology were considered one and the Same, and many of the great minds that developed Astronomy as we know it cast Horoscopes and made predictions with Astrology.

I wish I could discuss all of the Great minds and ideas that founded Astronomy, as well as some of the early pitfalls, but there is just so much to speak of. Perhaps if enough people show interest in the Subject I will do my best to write a detailed History, or you could always go research the subject yourself.

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