Magic and Perception: Clouds

Magic and Perception: Clouds

Imagine a cloud in your mind. In this cloud, are the molecules that bring it into being. The cloud’s shape, size, and color can change, perceptively, based on the things like how many of the molecules saturate it, and where the light hits it from.

Imagine that cities can have personalities. It has a reputation for its people behaving in a certain way, and, likewise, that reputation causes that precise mindset to take root in many of the people who live there. The individuals have their own beliefs that fuel how they manage that mindset, but that mindset does have an effect on their decisions. Suppose then, that the people within that city decide they want to act against the norm. If the city’s personality is truly as it suggested, the people who want to resist, will find opposition, and be fighting to swim against the current, so to speak. Likewise, if they decided to flow with the city’s personality, they would find encouragement and an outlet of ease for their methods.

Reapply this view of the city to the model of the cloud. The people bring it into being, affecting its size, and the personality, or mode of perception [term acknowledged for Tarquinus], from that city, creates its shape and color. Makes it a fluffy cloud high in the sky, or an angry cloud raining judgment down upon us all.

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