Author: Bootes Arcas

Moon Lore and Trivia

Moon Lore and Trivia Let your Minds wander Far back in Time, Long before the Beginnings of Life, back to When the Earth was still just a bubbling mass of Heated Rock. This was about 4 billion Years ago. The

The Sun that Never Sets

The Sun that Never Sets It has been known to many, as it should be known to all, that Night never seems to fall upon the world of MD. The Sun is ever-present in the Sky, and until very recently

Astrology: Roots

The Sun and Moon have played vital roles to early man and creature alike. Sea Turtles, when newly hatched, instinctively seek out the brightest point in the Sky, which for Eons has been the Moon over the ocean. African tribesmen

The Basics of Astronomy

The Basics of Astronomy Astronomy has been studied since ancient times, though it may have always gone by that name. When you think about it all things that exist on Earth have at least some dependence on Celestial Objects most

Astrology: the Pseudoscience

Whether or not you Believe in Astrology, it is Clear that it is a very Powerful notion, even in Today’s “Modern” Society. Ask anyone what their “Sign” is, and you are almost Guaranteed an Answer. News Papers across the Globe