Moon Lore and Trivia

Moon Lore and Trivia

Let your Minds wander Far back in Time, Long before the Beginnings of Life, back to When the Earth was still just a bubbling mass of Heated Rock. This was about 4 billion Years ago. The Sun and planets were still Young and Many Ill fated Protoplanets still Roamed the Solar System. The Earth was Fully formed and yet was not Quite a solid Mass. It’s outer Layers were still superheated as the last few Lingering rocks in it’s Orbit crashed into the Earth Surface. Yet by and Large the Earth was beginning to Cool into the Planet we now call Home. However, not all was calm and well.

From somewhere out in the Solar system a Protoplanet was slowly Spinning on a Doomed course. This Doomed body, which many have Dubbed Theia, was Fated to alter the evolution of Our planet Forever. Had there Been any Life on Earth to witness this Fateful day, they would have Seen for Weeks the Mars sized Theia growing larger in the sky. However the Turmoil of the collision would have Eradicated all Traces of Life, as simply as a boot crushes an Ant. Luckily Theia was not to hit the Earth Head on, as that would have easily destroyed both Celestial Bodies. Instead Theia crashed into just the Outer layers of the Earth. The Devastation of this Collision should not be Understated.

Theia was destroyed Utterly and a Large portion of the Earths Upper layers were Flung into Space. The Impact was so Intense that all of Theia was turned to Liquid, and the Force on the Earth caused a large portion of our Planets Rotation. For Decades and even Centuries after this fateful day Rock and Debris rained down on the Earth, However The last Remnants of Theia were slowly amassing a collection of Rock itself. Some Four Billion Years Later, we Can still Look up and See the remains of Theia Slowly Orbiting our World. The Results of the Impact changed the Course of our World in so many ways, and the Results have Stirred our Imagination since life first Saw the Light of the Moon at Night.

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