Moon Lore and Trivia

Symbology of the Moon

In Short, the Moon is the Polar Opposite of the Sun. The Sun is of Course linked to Daytime while the Moon is linked to the Nighttime. However, while True, this Association lacks the Depth on the Symbology. In many ways the Sun and Moon represent the Male and Female. The Sun representing the Male, the Yang, while the Moon represents the Female, the Yin. From a purely Observational point of view this relationship makes sense. The Sun is never Changing, it’s Rise and Set come everyday Regardless of conditions. This regularity is most typically Associated with the Male, Yang. The Sun also Dominates, allowing none but the Moon to be Seen it its Presence. Of course, the Moon is more Fickle. Her tune is Ever changing, though follows a Cycle of her own. Also the Light of the Moon is a Reflection of the Suns own rays, giving the Moon both a more Submissive and yet More Social role than the Sun. For these Reasons the Moon is given more Female traits, while the Sun is given Male traits. The Moon is the Social, the Emotional, the Outgoing and yet is the Moody, and the Unpredictable.

Now breaking away from the Stereotypical Male/Female division. The Sun and Moon also have Symbology in the Mind of an Individual. The Sun is of course the Light, that which Allows things to be Seen and Understood. It is the all Might Conscious Mind, whose Eyes seek to Understand and perhaps control the World. Again, the Moon falls into the Opposite role. It represents the Hidden currents in the Mind, The Hidden desires and Feelings. It is the aspect of the Mind that is more in Tune with the flow of Nature and Responds to these Currents in

Unforeseen Ways
. This is of Course the Unconscious Mind. Going even Deeper, the Moon is Connected to Our Dreams and Imagination. It is the Light in the Dark, that which Causes us to Reach out and Seek more from Life. It is also, In this Writers Opinion, One of the Prime reason why we Are so Interested in Space, in “What is Out There”. The Moon Serves as a Constant Reminder that there is something just Beyond the Sky.

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