SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon

Page 1 [2008-05-02 15:23:36 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
SmartAlekRJ’s Dragon has discovered how to take flight. No run-of-the-mill Dragon is disciplined enough to be capable of flying. Nor is any normal individual gifted enough to harness the substantial power of the Dragon. In a single thrashing dive, SmartAlekRJ’s Dragon swoops near to the ground and flies off into the distance past the place. SmartAlekRJ remembers hearing an anecdote of an elderly man who could tame Dragons, but lost his legs. Consequently, he sets off into Golemus Golemicarum to locate the elderly man and become skillful enough to master his Dragon.
Page 2 [2008-05-04 18:43:20 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
SmartAlekRJ found a dark dragon lair, but he is unsure if to proceed and enter the lair or quit his journey and turn back without his dragon. SmartAlekRJ decides to continue to search for his dragon and enters the dark lair. He sees a mighty dragon, but it is bound by tiny humans; they are trying to tame him. Far behind he can see some small entrances. They look like tunnels. He decides to go unobserved by the dragon – and the people surrounding him – and go into the tunnel network. Maybe his dragon is encaged somewhere around here. 
Page 3[2008-05-04 18:43:33 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
SmartAlekRJ is searching the vast tunnel network while trying to remain unobserved by the tiny people. It seems like an entire ant-like society of tiny people taming dragons. 
Page 4 [2008-05-05 13:47:06 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
SmartAlekRJ finds a small library of books … Well it’s actually small because the books are very small; but; if they were normal size, this would be a huge library. As he opens several of them, he realizes that all the books are about drachorns; how to raise them; how to tame them. It seems like an entire tradition for these people to raise drachorns. At some point, he finds a passage that speaks of “The sacrification of drachorns…” …This doesn’t sound right, so he keeps reading. 
Page 5 [2008-05-06 10:40:13 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
Wow! Well trained Drachorns can actualy do 300 or more base damage to all enemy creatures… SmartAlekRJ keeps reading and starts to have a slightly different image of his cute little baby dragon. 
Page 6 [2008-05-07 02:15:01 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
A diabolical idea starts to form in SmartAlekRJ’s head…”The drachorns are such powerful creatures… what if …oh no I couldn’t do that…but then again, I am so big…aren’t I?…hmmm”. 
Page 7 [2008-05-09 05:58:31 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
SmartAlekRJ turns back to the great dragon hall where he entered the tunnels. After reading all those books about the Drachorns, he knows he has no reason to fear them because these are tamed dragons specially bred for sacrification. With a bit of insane courage, he decides to shout a speech for the tiny people there. They all stop whatever they are doing and look at him confused… 
Page 8 [2008-05-09 22:46:57 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
“Listen to me, people! I am the Ancient Dragon Master returned from the beginning of time to rule my dragon kingdom once again! As you can see, I am a God, for I am bigger than you, and I have divine powers..don’t make me show them to you or you will be sorry!” ..SmartAlekRJ is holding his breath waiting for a reaction and tries to look dangerous.. 
Page 9 [2008-05-10 03:58:25 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon]
After a long moment of silence, the tiny ant people all scream with their little voices “Hail The Dragon Master!!” And, like nothing happened, they turn back to whatever they were doing. SmartAlekRJ looks confused by this odd moment. The tiny people continue their work and ignore him like they forgot what he just said. 

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  1. this is awesome to reminisce about… and google smartalekrj and this is the top result now!

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