The Inner Sun

Page 1 [2008-10-13 00:29:08 – The Inner Sun – Bo.]
“The documents are right, they are never wrong… never!” Bootes looks at the same page over and over, something is strange, maybe the person that wrote the document was insane, but then… how could it pass the archivists control when it was added to the Archives?

Page 2 [2008-10-13 01:48:46 – The Inner Sun – Bo.]
Dark thoughts start to come into his mind. “Maybe the shades wrote it to spread chaos and mistrust among us. Maybe the archives hold more secrets. What if I was not supposed to see this? What if…?” Fear and confusion make him see and hear things that are not there. “I must keep my mind clear…” He puts the document in a safe place for later investigation.

Page 3 [2008-10-13 15:22:58 – The Inner Sun – Pen. Bo.]
“Penelope, good that you are here, I want to show you something I found in the archives.” Bootes pulls out some old papers and spreads them on the table.
“Oh, there are more?” Penelope asks.
“What do you mean there are more? You have more of these documents?”
Pen pulls Bootes aside. “We should not talk here, its not safe, lets go…”

Page 4 [2008-10-13 15:28:47 – The Inner Sun – Pen. Bo.]
“There is a small group of people that know about this. When we first discovered them, we tried to ask the archivists about them but their reaction was strange. I also know none of these documents were here. It all started to happen recently when the sun started to move.”
Bootes listens, fascinated. “Are you sure? You are actually saying the documents appeared, but they look ancient!”.
Pen whispers “The documents are not the only thing that appeared after the sun started to move…”

Page 5 [2008-10-13 19:42:20 – The Inner Sun – Pen. Bo. Nel.]
“Lady Nelya, welcome, what business so far away from Loreroot?” Bootes asks as Nelya enters.
With a strange look in her eyes, Nelya unfolds a parchment in front of Bootes. “Have you ever seen such a thing?” she asks.
At first sight he knew it is the same kind of document as the ones he and Pen had discovered in the archives. “Yes, and I think there are more. Don’t talk about this with anyone else, it seems the Archivists don’t want people to find out. Until we find more about what these sketches mean we must keep it secret. I fear there is a dark secret behind all this.”

Page 6 [2008-10-13 19:58:49 – The Inner Sun – Iam.]
A character that always feels bored and tries to find ways of entertaining himself, “I am Bored” called by some, runs with a parchment, shouting all over about the sun that is moving, putting everybody in a state of panic. Suddenly, several men clothed in golden painted cloaks appear out of the crowd. “Catch this heretic!!”

Page 7 [2008-10-13 20:03:47 – The Inner Sun – Iam.]
His bones hurt and a cold air fills his lungs. All things start to move slow around him and to fade. He can still hear voices of people speaking around him.
“Where do we put him now, the prison is not ready yet.”
“We could… kill him… maybe?”
“No, we must make him believe he is insane. Make people believe he is insane and they will forget what he said. Lets close him in the dungeon for now, the shades will take care of the rest.”

Page 8 [2008-10-14 00:34:49 – The Inner Sun – Other]
Alerted by the rumors, people start to talk about the mysterious papers, but nobody seems to actually know anything more. In a safe place somewhere, Bootes tries to find more about the docs. “They speak about an “inner sun”. What could that be? The recent movement of the Sun seems to be documented in these docs that look ancient, but how is that possible when this just happened after the Shade Balance situation?” More questions rise and some even suggested. It is not the sun that these talk about.

Page 9 [2008-10-14 00:41:01 – The Inner Sun – Iam.]
“Hello? Anybody here?” Bored by boredom itself, I am Bored has to face total solitude in a dark corner of the archives. Somewhere forgotten by all with no one to hear his annoying talk. “No one is here to listen to me. I will go insane! No, this cant be true!” He starts running down the corridors like a mad man, but in the darkness there seems to be no door, no stairs, no way of exiting.

Page 10 [2008-10-14 15:18:08 – The Inner Sun – Iam. Noo.]
While running through the dark corridors, he suddenly sees someone walking slowly across one of them. “Who is there?! Anyone…? No one?”
No one steps closer and asks, “What? Where am I? Who are you? Oh… Bored, where are we?”
“I think it’s a corridor of the Archives. Last thing I remember is that I was telling everybody about some documents I found. Then… here.”

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