Author: Je Suis Oeufs Fous

A Freezing Firestarter

Page 1 [2008-08-27 04:08:20 – A Freezing Firestarter] *Phrog* sat there, freezing slowly. An echoing WHOOOSH announced a spurt of flames rushing past *Phrog* as a drachorn and its master scamper by following a metallic rabbit. Slightly interested, *Phrog* picks

The Inner Sun

Page 1 [2008-10-13 00:29:08 – The Inner Sun – Bo.] “The documents are right, they are never wrong… never!” Bootes looks at the same page over and over, something is strange, maybe the person that wrote the document was insane,

SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon

Page 1 [2008-05-02 15:23:36 – SmartAlekRJ’s Lost Dragon] SmartAlekRJ’s Dragon has discovered how to take flight. No run-of-the-mill Dragon is disciplined enough to be capable of flying. Nor is any normal individual gifted enough to harness the substantial power of

On Honor In Battle

On Honor In Battle Of battle many are considered expert. Today I would speak of honour in battle and that which makes the warrior whole. In the realm there are many who seek martial power through the auspices of battle

A Blessing

A Blessing Long ago, the moon reigned supreme in these lands. For reasons most are unaware of it was… Lost… These were dark times, of war and fear.. Some see the return of the moon as a blessing; Others, see

The Moon and Necrovion

I was asked to speak at your convocation because of my investigations into the nature of Darkness and the life I have lived there. The subject you have chosen is a difficult one, and the news I bring may be

The Blacksmith and the Farmer

I have always been a fan of writing, especially writing fiction. Most times I do not share my work for various reasons. For once, I have decided that I quite enjoy what I’ve written. This was a spur of the

The Onset of Night

One thing you can always count on in real life is looking up to the sky and seeing the moon hovering above you in the still of the night. The same can not be said for our own realm of

MagicDuel Festival Records: Volume 1

The first Magic Duel Festival, hosted from September 6th, 2008, to September 14th, 2008, was something new for everyone. It was, in short, a learning experience, not only for us as the players, but for Mur as well. The Festival