A Freezing Firestarter

Page 21 [2008-09-23 18:34:33 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog’s* spirit is hesitantly gliding from side to side on the road, slowly advancing. Then, by chance it seems, he spies a robotic puppy walking by, and latches onto it. The ride is much more fierce than he anticipated though, and he lets go at the House of Liquid Dust. “That worked…but WOW did it hurt.”
Page 22 [2008-09-24 02:43:09 – A Freezing Firestarter]
As though some ethereal force compelled the robotic puppy to return and aid *Phrog*, it did. This time, consciously. The puppy began speaking like an amphibian, trying to make *Phrog*, often mistaken for a frog, understand his idea. Then, with a mighty “GUAU!” it sent a gust of flames toward *Phrog*, pushing his consciousness all the way to the Aramory. All *Phrog* recalls of the incident was thinking, “Why is it barking in Spanish?”
Page 23 [2008-09-28 22:43:42 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog’s* spirit just continues to hover next to the Aramory. “The people of this world are so fickle..I can understand a catastrophe, but usually SOMEONE stays to help the weak and afflicted.” D:
Page 24 [2008-10-02 01:03:53 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog’s* spirit is starting to look a little dreary when the clouds give way and sunshine pours down upon his freezing soul, and gives him a little strength to move once more. Looking to see his temporary savior, he sees only the passing of a silent figure holding an umbrella. “It would seem I have enough energy to move once more..I should act quickly with this breath of life.”
Page 25 [2008-10-03 05:59:37 – A Freezing Firestarter]
A voice speaks to *Phrog’s* spirit, and the reasoning excites him. This might work! He allows the person to basically stuff his soul into the log he had been carrying around with a body. “Heave ho!” shouts the ecstatic helper, and carries *Phrog* to the Gates of Ages.
Page 26 [2008-10-03 08:34:36 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog’s* spirit is carefully carried across the Bridge to Golemus Golemicarum encased in the log he once carried. Energy is slowly returning to his body, now that his goal is so near. Bravo brave adventurers that helped *Phrog*! He’s nearly home!
Page 27 [2008-10-06 00:56:45 – A Freezing Firestarter]
The *Phrog* in the log is carried by the helpful adventurer through the mountain and down the path. The firestarter begins to feel more and more energy return as he nears his destination. Arriving at the entrance to the cave, the adventurer sets down the log, “Now what…?”
Page 28 [2008-10-07 20:12:51 – A Freezing Firestarter END]
*Phrog’s* spirit immediately escapes the log and deftly seeps into the Drachorn’s Lair. In the lair, it binds its personality to two of the drachorns tied down by many little people. The drachorns’ powers grow immensely, and they break their bonds. Phrog’s spirit is so completely filled by the drachorns’ presences, that it takes a physical form once more. Phrog is the master of flames, a true firestarter that has the ability to motivate drachorns to escape the little people with new masters sent by *Phrog’s* influence.

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