A Freezing Firestarter

Page 10 [2008-09-07 21:43:46 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Oh no! The drachorns have left the area.  *Phrog* watches in horror as the flames fight to stay lit, but they cannot keep warm. Freezing once more, *Phrog* drops immediately back into a deep sleep-like state with no flames to comfort him.
Page 11 [2008-09-08 20:06:00 – A Freezing Firestarter]
The flames die completely now, and *Phrog* lies on the ground shivering involuntarily. If someone doesn’t do something fast, he’s going to freeze to death! A small crowd of people is already surrounding him now, but most are waiting for ferries to Golemus. Are there no kind souls among them?
Page 12 [2008-09-09 00:43:37 – A Freezing Firestarter – Tr.]
A group of people led by Tremir grabs *Phrog’s* body and pulls him to the Howling Gates, then takes him into Necrovion to the large fire in the Way of Cleansing. His body is set near the flames so he can begin to warm once again. Hopefully this time the flame will not die out and he will begin to stir again soon.
Page 13 [2008-09-09 01:06:32 – A Freezing Firestarter]
A struggle begins. Those who tried to help *Phrog* are attacked by the Necro kids who want to imprison him. In the chaos, *Phrog’s* body is pushed closer to the flames, and his clothes ignite. In an instant, his body is almost totally consumed in flames.
Page 14 [2008-09-10 02:19:31 – A Freezing Firestarter]
The flames grow hotter and engulf *Phrog’s* body completely. Those standing near him, trying to drag him back from the fire have to step back in horror as the flames totally incinerate his body, and turn it to little more than dust and some lumpy shapes.
Page 15 [2008-09-10 19:15:04 – A Freezing Firestarter]
All physical feeling is absent. *Phrog’s* body is gone, and the pain of the flames is no longer present. But something is still there. Something, pulling powerfully in the air. What is it? For one reason or another, *Phrog’s* spirit remained behind the mutilated corpse that once belonged to him.
Page 16 [2008-09-11 19:43:10 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Feeling free from his physical body, *Phrog’s* spirit feels a moment of pure joy at the freedom, and decides to take a few days to simply roam the world, free of the troubles it provides to a person.
Page 17 [2008-09-14 05:53:26 – A Freezing Firestarter]
“That was so refreshing! But… it’s still not what I seek…” *Phrog’s* spirit settles near the Howling Gates to watch some of the people passing by. “Perhaps one of them can help me find what I seek.” Several pass without notice. “Hmm… which one is most likely to help… I suppose I could give them some clues if they take a moment to listen…”
Page 18 [2008-09-15 23:41:22 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog’s* spirit listens in horror to some of the ideas the people come up with and decides to try and tell them more about what he seeks. “A fire that pulls on my spirit. Powerless to move to what attracts me. HE controls access to what should be my legacy. Nearly saved me, but left me cold.”
Page 19 [2008-09-17 02:27:17 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog’s* spirit hears the whisperings of a few of the people that are good enough to stop and try to help him. He hears one of the ideas being discussed and can’t help his excitement. “Yess! Yes! That’s it! That’s it! Ohh, so close!”
Page 20 [2008-09-22 19:48:12 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Where are they going? *Phrog’s* spirit desperately tries to cling to anyone walking by. The whispers have ceased, and he can’t see people trying to understand him anymore. He begins to feel again. Should spirits be able to feel anything? Perhaps not physical, but his heart longs for something distant, and now his essence begins drifting in that direction.

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