A Freezing Firestarter

Page 1 [2008-08-27 04:08:20 – A Freezing Firestarter]
*Phrog* sat there, freezing slowly. An echoing WHOOOSH announced a spurt of flames rushing past *Phrog* as a drachorn and its master scamper by following a metallic rabbit. Slightly interested, *Phrog* picks up a few sticks and tries to start a fire to warm his chilled hands. “It’s such a beautiful thing…these flames…”
Page 2 [2008-08-29 02:52:25 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Later, sitting on the ground, *Phrog* notices some engravings on both sides of a piece of wood: STEVE and BOB. “Bob and Steve? Like…together forever? …weird world..” Shrugging, he tries to rub several sticks together and start a fire. A tiny flame appears, to his great delight, but a gust of wind smothers it instantly.
Page 3 [2008-08-29 02:50:47 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Not yet defeated, *Phrog* tries to break the sticks up smaller so they could burn easier. A group of people pass him with raised eyebrows, continuing their conversation, “I can’t wait to see what the Seekers of Enlightenment have found, now!” *Phrog’s* hands tremble as they hurry past, “I’ll give you enlightenment..I’ll BLIND you with these beautiful flames! ….One day…”
Page 4 [2008-09-03 19:13:56 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Sadly, *Phrog* gets no reaction out of his drachorn. “Must be feeling as ill as myself…” He continues wandering and finally drops to his knees by the Gates of Ages. Freezing, he slowly loses consciousness. The whole time he is muttering in his sleep, “please light…please light…”
Page 5 [2008-08-31 21:56:06 – A Freezing Firestarter]
“So… cold…” *Phrog’s* mind is mostly gone by now. He cannot feel his own inner warmth. He can’t even be bothered to look to the left as he passes several pleading Young Ones attempting, and failing, to pass their obstacles near the House of Liquid Dust.
Page 6 [2008-09-02 05:15:47 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Dragging his feet further down the road, *Phrog* arrives at the Aramory. There, he sees an old man sitting and having a drink with some drunkard who is babbling about dead messengers. Obtaining something from our creatures? Lifting the log in his hand, *Phrog* calls forth the drachorn of his mind, and asks it to light the wood.
Page 7 [2008-09-05 00:54:38 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Thoughts are delicate but powerful drops of life. Formed together, they may create something truly amazing. Apart, they might crumble. A small gathering of people brought more drachorns to *Phrog*, and in his unconscious state, he thought he could feel something warm by his face. Others are encouraged to help *Phrog* always keep at least one drachorn nearby, lest he freeze completely!
Page 8 [2008-09-06 01:03:05 – A Freezing Firestarter]
Stirring ever so slightly, *Phrog* opens his eyes just barely to seek the source of this new heat. Even now, groggily awake, he is still muttering to himself, “please light…” and now he sees that the combined effort of the drachorns has caused the flames to come forth! Thank you for not letting *Phrog* die!
Page 9 [2008-09-06 20:55:34 – A Freezing Firestarter]
The flames are so… beautiful. *Phrog* can’t look away from the flames, they’re so… enchanting. They grow warmer, and the flames reach higher. Snapping to consciousness, he leans back and notices that the flames are starting to grow a little out of control. Smoke and flames begin swirling up into the sky.

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