The Inner Sun

Page 121 [2009-01-17 21:45:22 – The Inner Sun – Others]
The object continues its ascent, silent and grand while the celebration continues, the guests bursting with joy and enthusiasm. In the sky, another phenomenon begins, but which does not go unnoticed. The Eternal Sun begins to fade and is eclipsed by a dark body. There are gasps of alarm and surprise. “Look! The Sun!”
Page 122 [2009-01-17 21:45:44 – The Inner Sun – Others]
The entire realm stops to hold its breath and watch. The moon is radiant, dominating the black, star-speckled sky. The feeling of confusion and hesitation gives way to elation. At first there are soft laughs, which expand to cheers, but these soon give way to ecstatic voices, raising high into the air: Night has returned to the land of MagicDuel.
Page 123 [2009-01-19 01:29:29 – The Inner Sun END]
Bootes and Nelya stand silently and observe as the Sun reappears and the Moon sets. Bootes’ face is lit up like a child’s, and Nelya smiles happily. “That was Absolutely Amazing, wasn’t it?”
Nelya hugs him tightly, asking, “Will night come again?”
Bootes grabs a scrap of paper, calculates quickly, and looks up, uttering one word: “Yes.” This concludes the Inner Sun branch. Soon, a puzzle will be available to let players predict the coming of night!

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