The Inner Sun

Page 109 [2009-01-13 07:10:06 – The Inner Sun – Am., Kal.]
Moving swiftly, Amoran takes Kalamanira’s head between her palms. Stepping forward, she kisses Kalamanira, causing her to drop her weapon in shock. Wind howls, and the world twists around them. Amoran takes a step back to see the scene has changed to one of a large willow tree illuminated from behind by the moon.
Page 110 [2009-01-14 06:53:39 – The Inner Sun – Bo., Nel.]
Nelya nudges Bootes, rousing him from his slumber. “I have found something you should see, Bootes.” He barely opens an eye to peer at her. She smiles and whispers, “I think I have found the last piece of this puzzle.” Bootes grunts indistinctly, and Nelya rolls her eyes. She bends over and says in his ear, “A sigil.”
Page 111 [2009-01-14 06:54:03 – The Inner Sun – Am., Kal.]
Moonlight shines through the boughs of the tree before Amoran. Kalamanira whispers. “…this is when…” but trails off. Amoran recognizes this as the moment when one was separated into two. It all has been frozen in time: the tree, the beast, Amoran and Kalamanira flying back from the tree and each other.
Page 112 [2009-01-14 06:55:03 – The Inner Sun – Bo., Nel.]
“Ah, yes! Where did You find This?”
“In a book about seals, how to form and release them. Bootes…” she pauses, “will this work?”
He races toward the Pillars of Harmony, shouting back, “Let’s find Out!” Working together once more, the two activate the pillars, sending Bootes across the realm, following a specific pattern.
Page 113 [2009-01-14 06:55:21 – The Inner Sun – Am., Kal.]
“This is when it began,” Kalamanira says and walks around, studying the stillness before her.
Amoran is still for a time before asking, “What began here?”
“Our journeys… our separate journeys, Amoran,” Kalamanira replies. “This moment is when we became the last two of our kind.”
“Two? What are you talking about? We are the last one, Kala.”
Page 114 [2009-01-15 02:29:23 – The Inner Sun – Bo., Nel.]
Bootes emerges from the light and steps off the dais, smiling, having returned from the last site. “Did we do it, Bootes? Will the moon return?” The light on the dais does not fade but intensifies, drawing their attention. The light surges into the pillars, and a faint melody intones. Nelya asks Bootes, “What is that sound?”
Page 115 [2009-01-15 02:29:43 – The Inner Sun – Am., Kal.]
Kalamanira looks into Amoran’s eyes and smiles sadly. “You know that is no longer true. We each sought healing. You found it in the Oak Fort of Loreroot and I took it from the Accursed Growth in Necrovion. We were connected, yes, but we have each been healed by the land to which we bound ourselves.” Amoran stands, considering her words.
Page 116 [2009-01-15 02:30:00 – The Inner Sun – Bo., Nel.]
The melody grows louder as the pillars flash in rhythm to the music. The ground shakes, and the pillars blast a beam of light into the sky as the music crescendos. Bootes and Nelya shield their eyes and cover their heads. The two are motionless and bewildered. “Bootes…?” Nelya begins, but stops as he shakes his head.
“I Don’t know, Nelya…”
Page 117 [2009-01-15 02:30:17 – The Inner Sun – Am., Kal.]
“But, Kala… what does this mean?” The willow tree before them shimmers in response, glowing brightly and changing. It rends itself apart, the earth beneath it doing likewise. The tree splits and reforms into two: the Oak Fort and the Accursed Growth. The land mirrors the split: rolling plain and burning battlefield.
Page 118 [2009-01-15 22:14:07 – The Inner Sun – Am., Kal.]
Amoran watches silently as Kalamanira walks to stand near the tree, her tree. “No longer are we one, Amoran… we have separate bodies, minds, ideas… I see this now.”
Amoran walks to her own tree and feels it move in response to her presence and touch. She looks toward Kalamanira and hears the truth in her words. “Yes, we walk different paths.”
Page 109 [2009-01-15 22:23:57 – The Inner Sun – Am. END]
Amoran awakens and wipes tears from her eyes as they adjust to the brightness. She sits in the shade of the Oak Fort, her dream having left her uneasy and sad. Did she fail? Did she succeed? Uncertainty assails her; she knows she has lost a part of herself forever. Amoran has changed, now walking a path steeped in twilight. The Twilight Bound has finished her quest for now.
Page 120 [2009-01-17 02:29:11 – The Inner Sun – Others]
The decor is set, and guests arrive from all over the realm. The celebration begins, and the mood is light and cheerful. Speeches are made; champagne flows freely. New friends are created and old companions laugh, dance, and talk for hours. None takes notice of the appearance of an object in the sky: large, round, luminous.

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