MagicDuel Festival Records: Volume 1

There were, of course, several people given the honor of becoming RPCs during this festival. These people were:

*Rex Umbrae Killer*
– +30k max value points
– Spells: opennecro, otherarmy
– Access to secret logs
– Tag: Walker of Mind
– Custom description: Legendary player that solved a very difficult puzzle with over 70 bil combinations by pure chance! Reseacher of all religions in MD, likes hunting for long lost weapons
– Alliance changed to Necrovion
– Promoted to Permanent RPC

– +10k max vital energy, +10k max value points
– Spells: invisibility
– Tag: Loreroot Illusionist
– Custom description: Bringer of chaos and confusion to some, light and hope to others. Caster of illusion spells might make you see different than you should.
– Promoted to Dreamcatcher
– Access to secret logs
– Promoted to Permanent RPC

– Access to secret logs
– Tag: Magician of White Light
– Custom description: A young man that fund his roots in the company of the Angiens. Is in co-exsistance with the Angiens he is their confider and in return they give him the Power of the Angiens. Also Very good at the arts of surviellence and espionage.
– Spells: givevital
– +10k max vital energy

– Access to secret logs
– Tag: The Bard of Loreroot
– Custom description: Abandoned in Loreroot, I grew up wild speaking only with the trees, birds, beasts, wind and rain. Educated by Knator Commander, I now work for the Artisans Guild and travel around the realm creating avatars, singing songs, and telling stories
– Moved to Loreroot alliance
– Spells: toadspeak, openlore
– +10k max value points
– Custom ability to ask Knator Commander to stand down and open the Loreroot hidden entrance
– Promoted to Permanent RPC

– Access to secret logs
– Tag: The Drachorn Experimentalist
– Custom description: Crazy experiments and tests on Drachorns is what I do. Crazy can’t describe how the experiments turns out. Cruel to Drachorns, I swore vengeance to the Golemus kind and seek to create new species of mutant Drachorns.
– +10k max value points
– Spells: opennecro, otherarmy, mutatedrachorn
– Custom ability related to his role: genetic manipulation of Drachorns
– Promoted to Permanent RPC

– Tag: Walker of Words
– Custom description: A Mysterious character, stooped in shadow and light, surrounded by whispers, known to all and none, My words are heard only by the wind. Information trader, spy, call me what you will but if you need information on a character, I am able to get it.
– Spells: invisibility, mirrorritual
– +10k max value points
– +10k max vital energy
– Custom permission to trade info from secret logs
– Dreamcatcher ability to use only as communication way with his role
– Promoted to permanent RPC

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