A Celestial Love Story

Once upon a time the goddess of the sun ruled the heavens, alone, and nighttime was a place where the skies were filled with perpetual darkness, and sorrow.

Also upon this time there existed a woman, whose grace and radiance could not be matched, then or now. Flowers would bend in her direction, favoring magnificence, the very tides themselves would gravitate to her. The sun goddess watched, and adored her, as she grew from a little girl into a lovely lady, and watched as she fell in love with a noble warrior. The warrior loved the girl with all his heart, and she loved him. A truer love has been scarcely felt.

Then one day the goddess came to the girl, and offered her a place in the heavens. The woman looked at the warrior, her eyes seemed to be filled with joy and at the same time she longed to be with him. The man took her hands and looked her in the eyes, and he told her “I will love you as much as I do now, forever, and if you want a place amongst the heavens, my love will go with you.”

His heart ached because he knew this was the last time she would be at his side, but he knew that true love comes when you are willing to give up anything for the one you love. The woman jumped with joy and shared one final kiss with her love before she ascended to the heavens. Her essence filled the night with brightness, and she stood alone against the night sky.

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