BigC’s Revival

.SmartAlekRJ. still cannot believe BigC really died. He sets off into Necrovion to identify BigC’s remains, needing proof. As he traverses the barren wastes of Necrovion, he comes across a lone figure standing atop a desolate hill. As he approaches the figure, he sees the face of a familiar person. “It’s BigC!” he cries out. The figure drops to its knees and in a cold emotionless voice exclaims, “What do you seek?”

Struck with terror, he cannot answer the specter and the being rises up once again, but it no longer has the visage of the BigC he once knew. This time, it has a hideous slavering maw filled with vicious teeth. This Creature is neither shade nor human, and as it gazes upon him, it says again, coldly, “What do you seek?” This time the adventurer can muster a response: “I-I Seek the remains of BigC.” The specter takes a step away from him, then turns and rages towards him. .SmartAlekRJ.’s quick reactions allow him to parry the ghoul’s blow, and a fierce battle ensues. He matches the Creature, blow for blow, until he lets his guard down for just a second. The beast knocks him onto his back and looms over him.

All looks lost for .SmartAlekRJ., but he remembers that he has another weapon in his arsenal. He gives a whistle and his Drachorn, Precious, swoops down from behind the ghoul and delivers the final, fatal, blow to the Creature. SmartAlekRJ. continues his journey through desolate Necrovion.

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