BigC’s Revival

After several weeks of reading and backbreaking work, he is finished, except for one final, crucial step. The remains of BigC rest on one table and Precious rests on another, awaiting its fate. .SmarkAlekRJ. approaches the Drachorn and carefully extracts the marrow from one of its teeth. He attaches wires and ropes to the lifeless BigC and then to the living Drachorn. .SmartAlekRJ. walks to the machine in the corner and whispers, “This is for the best, Precious, may your life give BigC life.” He flips the switch and bolts of energy fly through the air, crackling and snapping.

After the energy dissipates, he turns the machine off and surveys the scene. Precious lies dead on the table and BigC’s remains appear unchanged. “Did it work?” He says, expecting an answer from the silent room. “What did I miss? Did I forget something? Why aren’t YOU ALIVE BIGC?!?!?!?” Trembling with helplessness and disappointment, he begins to exit the laboratory.

As he closes the door, he hears a small tapping sound. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a movement. ”Did his finger just… twitch??” He whirls around to see BigC attempting to stand, crippled, but very much alive.

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