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Drachorn The mountains his nest Leather as hard as horn There he rest Cold reptilian eyes See the world as far as the eye can see View the surroundings from high and from low Hear only the sound of a

La Historia de Mis Comienzos [ES]

Cuando era aun muy joven y me encontraba vagando por el bosque de Loreloot sin nada que hacer me encontre con un ser muy extra├▒o sentado en las raices del arbol en Stag Crossing (aunque humano parecia tener rasgos animales).

Story Night #2

What follows are the stories told by Sunfire, Pashweetie, Tipu, Stonebiter, Kamisha, Adiomino, Altrumist, Curiose, and an unknown author. They were told at the Well of Fortune, the disignated place for story-telling. Prizes: 7 – Anonymous : Joker/Credits [Please come

15 More Stories from the Oak

The following pages contain 15 short stories hand picked by Handy Pockets. They range from fictional to factual and some are borderline discussional, but all of the them are based on real or almost real events and people. Do you

15 True Stories from the Oak

As often as Kets and Awiiya can manage, the Oak sprout, which is located just beyond the gates to the MagicDuel Archives, receives a story. The stories range from fantasy to reality, and cover a broad variety of emotions and

15 Poems from the Willow

The seed planted at Willow’s Walk spawned a tradition – it listens to poems, told by anyone that will share. Handy Pockets is an avid collectors and teller of these poems, and here is 15 poems selected by her that

The Significance of the Potato

A short paragraph about the connection between the Potato and the Land. While to some, a potato may seem like quite a random topic, but it is surely not. The potato is, in fact, a relative to the tomato, and

Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest

The Willow’s Bell Poetry contest was sponsored by Kyphis, Emerald Arcanix, the Legend Speakers, and the wonderful land of Marind Bell. Willow’s Walk was chosen as the site of the competition both because it has recent history as a place

Who Killed Marind?

Writings about one of the most beautiful secrets of MD–who Marind is and what the story in story mode represents. This should be read to explain WHY the following stories are NOT to be investigated and researched. This article explains

Berserker’s Lament

I was commissioned for this song for Burns’ “Are You Afraid of Vampires?” quest, and this is what he has to say on it: “A song based on the dim fate of the Berserkers who turned into Tormented souls in