15 Poems from the Willow

Two Peas Separated

I walked, in silence I did not talk.
While I moved my two feet I looked up, and heard a screech.
Two birds sailed, intertwined, and vined their way across the sky.
They careened and carelessly leaned, as if there were no land.
No earth, no dirt, and none of us walking slowly upon it.
We danced once, like that. Once without the earth beneath our toes.
In the silent Gazebo with flowers sublime, we did a tango so shy.
We slipped and tugged, until I considered you mine.
The birds separated in flight, one to the left over the sand, the other to the mountains so high.
But I did not forget, how they spun under the nose of the sun.
I did not forget our tango. And the flowers I hold in my hands attempt to say…
Something I cannot quite put down, or lay.
If I am here, where are you?

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