The Significance of the Potato

A short paragraph about the connection between the Potato and the Land.

While to some, a potato may seem like quite a random topic, but it is surely not. The potato is, in fact, a relative to the tomato, and also a plant known as “Atropa Belladonna”, also known as: Deadly Nightshade. The same Nightshade that is so coveted by the Shades that they will supposedly kill anybody who handles the plant. Considering that the Shades make their home in Inner Necrovion, and all of the “blood of the land”, or Liquid Dust, flows into Inner Necrovion, then that makes the Shades quite important, does it not? It is because of this, that I believe that the Shades are formed of the Liquid Dust so that it can protect itself, and that Necrovion is the shell that surrounds the veins of the land, and so the Shades protect Necrovion. If the Shades are so protective of Nightshade that they seek to murder because of it, then because of that relation, the potato must also be important to them. If indeed the Shades are of the blood of the land, then the potato, and the tomato, must both be at least of interest to them.

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