15 Poems from the Willow

Weak Words from a Crack in a Wall

Don’t tell me you’re an embarrassment
When the truth is far from there
You know I could never say that
About someone who plays with my hair
You know you’re never why my cheeks turn red
You’re not even the reason for this blue
All these shades, all these hues,
It’s not you that hits and makes me bruise
It’s me. And that’s that,
Please, no nickles in my hat
Human only, gods exist in the afterlife
Gods don’t massage me, or monitor my strife
When you say to me you are sorry for things
That curve and bend out of your control
It makes me want to roll down a hill
Laugh and shout things like Jill
And never break a crown
Nope, not crack a frown.
You’re not an embarrassment. You’re just a friend

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