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Avoid Loud and Aggressive Persons

Day 313- Avoid Loud and Aggressive Persons

“Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.”

This goes hand in hand with the idea of speaking quietly and clearly, and the idea that it is bad to push your morals on anybody.

I often tell Kets that I am afraid people take my words in a way I do not intend them. My words are not the truth, nor are they likely even close to it. Instead, they represent one man’s attempt to make sense of this confusing and large world. Things come flying at me from all angles, and it is all I can do to dodge them, all the time spouting my words of “wisdom.” The spirit needs to think for itself to grow, and having others force thoughts on you inhibits growth. Present your morals, but do not present them as the truth, do not dress them up in King’s clothing.

Sometimes I think that it would do me well to never list an opinion, for then I would not be an aggressive person. I admit, this is one of my insecurities. I worry about being an aggressive and loud person, for it is difficult not to voice opinions when the my answer stands in front of me so obviously. Sitting down and remembering,”My answer is not the answer for others,” and then I remember to proceed my advice with, “This is just my opinion.”

One day I think I will walk around, asking questions, rather than giving answers. Questions give chance for a response, while answers imply that there is no need for input from the other person. Questions are beautiful and submissive, answers often unneeded and top-heavy. But such is life. Perfection is never achieved.

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