15 More Stories from the Oak


Day 295- Khalazdads

Khalazdad was an old fellow, known for his insanity, or perhaps it was only that he was saner than the rest of us. In either case, he was able to accommodate for the need he felt on himself by splitting himself into two. He understood that a leader needed to be two things at once, and how he reconciled this difficult problem was by creating two separate personalities, each coming out when the time was right.

There was Khalazdad the Black. He was aggressive and strong. A being with no mercy, he broke down walls and built in their place a Kingdom that was all his. Khalazdad the Black was someone not to cross, and he was feared by many.

Khalazdad the White was all things pure and submissive. A beacon of knowledge and kindness, he came out only very rarely. His words shaped the minds of his followers, forcing them to go beyond the comfort that they knew before.

And so Khalazdad was able to rule his Kingdom switching between the two. But there were issues; with such a double standard, deep inside he realized that he was not serving his subjects well. With the help of some outside influence, he was able to fuse the two selves together, joining them together in harmony.

Khalazdad the Grey was the result of this fusion. He was not overly aggressive, nor was he extremely kind. A strange mix of all emotions, he reacted inconsistently enough to instill surprise at his actions, but enough to gain the trust of those around him. Teaching by lessons, and ever learning from others, Khalazdad the Grey was the image of balance. The balance would falter every once in a while, but only for a day would he fall into his old ways of split personalities. Khalazdad the Grey was there to stay, however, and his rule was solidified under his wise yet strong guidance.

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